Parineeti Weight loss Regime!

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This isn’t an overnight transformation. Much against the popular belief, that film stars and other popular figures in the fashion industry go under knife, starve or workout with a personal trainer to attain a flawless figure, we have a once fatty Parineeti Chopra coming up with her inspirational weight loss regime.

Pari was close to 90 kgs when she returned from London in 2009, and it had started to look impossible for the actress to lose weight.

Bashing from the critics and the audience categorising her as a fat star gave her reasons to shed those extra pounds and look fabulous.

Parineeti chopra Before and after
Image Courtesy- Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti took time to understand her body, and she had to do that because she was upset and unhappy about the limited options on what to wear and had started looking and feeling unhealthy.

She was greatly uncomfortable about her body and the way she looked. She wanted a way out. She started practicing Kalaripayattu, a form of Kerala martial arts. And she claims that she is not only slimmer but feels much fitter.

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It was not an easy task for Pari who is a foodie and easily craves for Pizza. Also, she doesn’t exercise regularly and there are days when she eats unhealthy food.

And so, on a whole, it was not apt for Pari to take up a regular disciplined fitness or slimming plan and this was the reason why she had to come up with a self-made plan that was comfortable for her; and now, we see, it is successful.

Parineeti Chopra in Award Functions
Image Courtesy- Parineeti Chopra

The IIFA Outing

We saw a slimmer and fitter Parineeti at the green carpet in IIFA 2015. She was looking fabulous in her Georges Chakra outfit. And this is when all the conversation about a slim Parineeti started off.


Parineeti always start off her day early and take dinner two hours before going to bed. Her breakfast would include one glass of milk, brown bread with butter and two egg whites. Dal and roti, brown rice, and green salad would be her lunch.

Dinner would be simple food with less oil and one glass of milk. But she is on a customised, flexible diet that allows her to eat her favourites when she feels like.

Parineeti Chopra
Image Courtesy- Parineeti Chopra


A busy Parineeti never had enough time to take care of herself and she doesn’t like going to the gym.

She started practising Kalaripayattu, a martial arts form of Kerala and she has been doing it for an hour regularly.

She also does freewheeling exercise with a well-trained trainer. This, she claims, is making her stronger, flexible and most importantly, slimmer and fitter.

 The Cover Girl

Parineeti was featured on the cover page of Women’s Health and Elle Magazine and she looks super hot in there.

It is since June 2015, after she shred her weight, that she has become a favourite cover girl for many national and international magazines.

Parineeti is just four movies old and she has a long way to go. And her new looks are sure to fetch her more movies.

Parineeti chopra on magzine cover page
Image Courtesy- Parineeti Chopra

Tips from the Star

And this is her advice for those who want to lose weight “Don’t ape actresses and models; everyone has a different structure.

And don’t ignore signs of being unhealthy. My stamina was low, I had breakouts on my face, my hair was breaking, I was sleepy. I was not alive.

Just as you don’t put diesel into a petrol engine, you have to put in the right foods into your body so it runs properly.”

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