Say No To Calorie Counting

Say no to calorie counting

Say no to counting calories starting today! If you do not see results in spite of going on a low-calorie diet, do not be disappointed. Studies show that 95% of people, who eat less and go on a low-calorie diet, do not end up losing weight.

If calories were the only thing that determined weight loss, consuming a cola with the same/lesser number of calories than an apple would have made you lose weight. But that is not the case. Calorie calculator is now old school if you are on a weight loss journey.

Then what helps you lose weight? Would you believe if we told you that the secret to weight loss is eating more? Yes, it is the hormones that determine weight loss.

Hormones are of 2 types- fat regulating hormones and fat storing hormones. To help you understand better, let us take an example of an apple and a glass of cola of the same calories.

Eating an apple releases fat regulating hormones and you have a better chance of at keeping your weight in control.


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