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Superfood Recipes for Weight Loss!

Wondering what exactly superfood is? Well, they say superfoods are highly nutritive foods that provide essential antioxidants, vitamin, and mineral.

These nutrients are essential for a healthy weight loss. These power punched food can kick start your metabolism and melt kilos under the surface.

Dear readers, we bring you incredibly tasteful cuisines packed with wholeness and awesomeness of superfood!

A. Breakfast Delicacies

You must start your day eating like a king! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Hence, you must invest your time to decide on healthy superfood recipes to gain energy for the rest of the day.

1) Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal

The dish is a perfect blend of health and taste punched with wholesome oatmeal, colorful pumpkin, unique flavor of cinnamon and milk.

It takes less than five minutes from cooking to serving on the table.  A great option for hale and hearty breakfast!

2) Broken Wheat Upma

Broken wheat or Dalia is known for its wholesomeness. This exquisitely delicious bowl not only provides most of the healthy superfood traits but also satiates Indian taste buds.

3) Colorful Flower Eggs

Eggs are goods sources of protein and best way to get start with! This easy-to-make and appealing saucer will light up your day with its fullness.

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B. Lunch Appetites

It is essential to fill your lunch plate with healthy chews.

This mid-day meal can alleviate your stress and get the productive side of you. It’s a rule, we must have moderately filling lunch to keep the day going.

1) Italian Style Mushroom, Broccoli Hung Curd Salad!

Smeared with healthy yogurt, nutritious vegetables like broccoli and mushroom can be the best option for a healthy lunch.

This splendid bowl gives a flavorsome taste of healthy vegetables along with the nutritional values of yogurt.

2) Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Yogurt again! This exquisite salad comes from a long way, Greece. It’s an incredible combination of yogurt and chicken. Grab that healthy plate and relish every bit of a nutritious lunch.

3) Wholesome Vegetable Pulao Recipe!

The authentic Indian vegetable pulao is packed with nutritious vegetables and essential carbohydrates from brown rice.

The delicacy taste comes from the blend of spices. It’s a one pot meal comfort that can be made instantly without any efforts.

4) Spinach, Avocado, and Kiwi Salad

The salad encumbered with superfoods such as avocado, spinach, and kiwi. This not only fills your appetite but also aids in weight loss and fitness.

C. Dinner Demands

Dinner should be subtle and light! After a hard working day, we need tranquilizers to cool us down and give a sound sleep, when we go to bed.

1) Salubrious Masoor Dal Soup!

Pulses are good sources of protein. The healthy protein soup completes your tiring day with the warmth it requires and fills you quench with fullness.

2) Honey Sesame Steamed Greens

This one is amongst my favorites. The mouth-watering, crunchy veggies seasoned with sesame and honey can make you crave for more.

3) Horse Gram Lentil Soup Recipe!

Lentil is the superfood packed with more than one nutrient. It is known for low glycemic index and added nutrients that keep you full of beans. It goes well with cream and rice or wheat bread.

Give yourself a healthy reason to live for!

Bon Appétit!

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