5 Reasons Why Drinking Water To Lose Weight Is A Smart Choice

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Though water often comes across as one of the most underrated elements in the world of weight loss.

The fact remains that people who use water to lose weight are actually amongst the smartest lot that exists on the face of this earth!

When we drink water to lose weight, other than helping us shed those unwanted pounds,

It also offers few other great health benefits, many of which we are going to discuss in this article. So let us get started!


Drinking water benefits
Drinking water benefits

1. To Lose Weight, Water Acts as a Great Catalyst  

The basic formula for weight loss is calories in versus calories out and whichever one wins, rules the roost, our body and mind likewise!

And by drinking enough water, to lose weight definitely becomes an easier task than it actually is. Let us see how:

Drinking water increases your metabolism apart from improving your fat burning rate [2].

These mechanisms greatly support your weight loss efforts offering you great results.

Drinking water to lose weight works from various dimensions one of which is making you feeling satiated and thus helping you eat less than your usual appetite.

Also, when you drink more water, your body secretes more fluid reducing the bloating you may have.

The logic behind this is that when you are dehydrated, your body tends to hold on to the water in your body which gives rise to bloating.  

Many a time, it also happens that when you find yourself craving for untimely snacks, it is actually your body asking for hydration.

So drinking water at times when you find yourself facing sudden untimely pangs of hunger, go for a tall glass of water instead of some unhealthy bringing.  

2. Want To Lose Weight? Drinking Water While Workout Makes It More Effective

Your workout performance may greatly suffer if you do not consume plenty of water. Even if you lose 2% of fluid from your body, it can cast quite a noticeable effect on your workout performance [3].

So when you are working out and sweating, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water which helps your body to workout effectively.

On the other hand, if you are dehydrated, it will adversely affect your workout quality and the weight loss too!

Not having enough water during your workout session lands you in a vicious cycle where you do not start to feel thirsty until the time you lose around 2% of your body weight in water.

This is the point where your workout performance starts taking a descent [4].

While you may still be reading this article and finding yourself more drawn towards the various sports drinks available in the market, let me tell you that these sports drinks are laden with sodium, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors and you have no reason whatsoever to go for these drinks. So keep it simple and sip on water.

It is healthy and free of cost. What more could you ask for!

3. Want to Lose Weight But Not Your Energy? Drink Water!

Every person who takes their workout seriously, clearly knows that energy and exercise are like two peas in a pod.

When your energy levels are high, your mood is elevated and you tend to perform your best during your workout session.

It also helps you slash your cravings and you are more likely to move it. And this is exactly where water, which constitutes around 70% of the human body content, plays a major role.

Proper hydration keeps your cells active and your muscles full of oxygen and the required nutrients. In this high energy state, your mind is also enabled to focus towards the workout session.

So next time when your heart tells you to inch towards the coffee vending machine as a fix towards that 4pm slump, shrug the thought away and drink 2 glasses of water. You will find yourself surprisingly rejuvenated and energetic!

4. Drinking Water Keeps You Away from Unhealthy Drinks

As we have already discussed the benefits of consuming water over sports drinks, it is needless to say that water is way better than any drink available on the face of this earth be it tea, coffee, cola, soda or anything else.

Though our taste buds often lure us towards the fancy sugary drinks, it is important to keep our weight loss goals on track and inch towards the healthiest option – water! Another aspect we have to mention while we discuss the benefits of water to lose weight is the importance of timing.

Drinking water half an hour before every meal proves to be the most effective trick while trying to achieve your weight goals.

Drinking water half an hour before every meal makes you feel full and you end up eating lesser calories.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that it is actually best to drink cold water because then the body uses additional energy or calories to heat the water to our body temperature.

5. Drinking Plenty of Water Helps Prevent Constipation

Having fallen prey to the urban lifestyle, many of us face several health problems and the most common one at that is constipation.

This could be caused by various factors including medications, stress, poor diet, and not drinking enough water.

Now constipation does not really come across as a severe illness that needs medical attention but in reality, if this problem persists and becomes chronic, the quality of your life really takes a toll.

Just imagine fighting a battle every day for ablutions!

Now that have imagined the plight of people fighting with their own body and self for the right nature has given them, we might want to know the solution to this problem.

What else! Drinking plenty of water can be the best treatment plan for curing this problem [5].

Now that we have understood the pivotal role of drinking water to lose weight, we might as well start immediately.

It is probably one of the easiest and smartest ways to start on your weight loss journey.

We wish you all the luck on your journey and do keep us posted on how it is going by leaving comments in the comment section below.

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