Simplest Home Exercises To Lose Weight


Many of us often struggle between wanting to get in shape and not wanting to work hard for it. After all, who doesn’t want to feel and look fit? And if you are trying to figure out the easiest and simplest workout routine, you have landed into the right place.

We agree that nothing is more comforting than staying in bed. But the truth is, laziness cannot be a guide to a good body. So if you seriously want to lose some extra pounds, you will have to convince your mind into trying out this simple at-home workout routine.

You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym daily. And it is certainly not necessary to be a part of any fitness club or oh-so-popular yoga / Zumba classes. This article talks about simple exercises to lose weight that you can do at home or on the go.

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Each one of us has a different body structure and type leading to differences in our body needs. Although this article speaks about simple exercises to lose weight that would suit most of us, still the intensity of the workout required to be followed for weight loss will differ from one individual to the other.

Zeroing in on the exercise plan that will work for you depends on your age, weight loss goals and general health. And of course, if you are doing the right exercises complemented by a healthy diet, you will certainly get faster and effective results.

You also need to understand that doing these exercises to lose weight correctly only will keep you on track. Otherwise, it will all be a futile effort, which sometimes counters effects your health.

Here are a few simple exercises that are worth including in your at-home workout regime

1. Walking

This is the simplest exercise form that will pull you out of that lazy mode and provide some boost to your metabolism. You don’t even have to change into your workout tracks for this one. Just put on your sports shoes and head out to your local park, any walking area in your society or even your balcony.

Start with a 7-minute brisk walk daily, twice a day. Gradually increase your pace and duration of the walking session.

According to a study by Harvard, it is suggested that moderate intensity exercise like brisk walking for 30 minutes on 5 days a week is beneficial for health like reducing blood cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, and even, diabetes [1].

2. Climbing stairs

This workout is perfect if you have a low-use staircase in your office building, apartment or at a nearby park.


Walk up 3-4 flights of stairs (walk up and down 3 times each in case you have just one flight of stairs) at an easy pace, but not too slow. This exercise works all of your major lower body muscles and is very effective for losing belly fat.

3. Skipping

Most of us would certainly remember this activity from our school-time ‘sports period’. This is definitely a full body workout.

Start with 3 reps of 15-20- skips daily and gradually challenge yourself to a complete full minute of jumping. Don’t forget to check the length of the jump rope beforehand.

  • Hold the rope in your hands. The handles should line up with your shoulders.
  • Keep your feet together, hold the ends of your jump rope with your elbows in towards your ribs.
  • Jump over the rope while swinging it. Make sure to keep both your feet together. Jump for a full minute and complete 3 sets.

4. Push-ups

Pushups are the best bodyweight exercises that build stamina and strength in many major muscle groups. These work best when you include them as a part of your fitness regime, not depending on these as the sole exercise.

Your form is very crucial while doing this exercise.

  • Keeping your toes on the ground, lay down and hold yourself up with your hands. Bring your Torse lower until your elbows are at a ninety-degree angle.
  • Your hands should be placed facing forward.
  • Keep your feet directly behind you.
  • Your body should be in a straight line from the top of your head down through your heels, your shoulders over your wrists.
  • Keep your neck neutral, don’t drop your head or crank it back.
  • Push yourself away from the ground. Force needs to be exerted until your arms are completely straight.
  • Each time you go down for a rep, your chest should come within inches of the ground.
  • Keep lowering and rising yourself steadily.
  • Do until you finish your set (3 sets of 10 reps initially) or till you hit your maximum.

5. Squats

This exercise engages your core and entire lower body. These are perfect to reduce the thigh gap and get leaner legs.

  • Start with feet hip-width apart.
  • Put your arms either at your sides or you can hold weights if comfortable.
  • Begin lowering your legs and raising your arms in front of you.
  • Lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your back is straight and knees are in line with your toes the entire time.
  • Rise back to a standing position.
  • Repeat 3 sets of 15 reps.

6. Side leg raises

Bid adieu to those love handles by including this one in your workout regime. As per the study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, it was shown that side-lying exercises are also helpful in developing better neuromuscular control and strength with strong hip muscles [2].


exercise to lose weight
Exercises to lose weight
  • Lay on either side.
  • Lift your leg as high as you can.
  • Repeat the leg raises. Do 3 sets of 25 leg raises for each side.

If you succeed in sticking to this easy workout routine, you will start noticing a change in the scale in less than a week or two.

Even an easy workout plan requires a big commitment. You might feel like quitting at times. But don’t get carried away to give up entirely. Try doing a few of these exercises and slowly incorporate them into your daily workout routine, Back up this routine with proper sleep and a healthy diet for best results [3].

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Q. Can I lose weight at home without going to the gym?

Yes. It’s possible to lose weight at home even. Moderate intensity exercise for 30 minutes daily with balanced diet assists in weight loss.

Q. Is it bad to do the same workout every day?

One should try different exercises. This helps in the efficient engagement of different muscles, better toning and strengthening. 

Q. What are the easiest exercises to lose weight?

Exercises like walking, side-leg raises, squats, push-ups against wall and planks, are easy-to-do and effective for losing weight.

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