Possible’s Different Diet Phases To Lose Weight

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Are you searching for the best weight loss companies online but, you are unsure whether they will offer you the right weight loss programs?

First and foremost, many weight loss programs are flawed in many ways. Some of them give wrong advice by letting you almost starve or may provide some weight loss pills.

If you are having any doubts about the weight loss programs that you want to enroll yourself in, you can consult a Possible Nutritionist for FREE.

They will guide you and answer all your queries.

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When you are looking for a weight loss program, it’s wise to look for one that will meet your demands and set you up for long-term success.

Possible is one such weight loss company that believes in honest weight loss program through healthy diet and exercise.It helps you lose weight in a healthy way and not by suggesting fad diets.

Possible believes in the ratio: 70% diet and 30% of exercise. So, in order to lose weight, diet is 2-3 times more effective than exercise.

Possible does not rely on mono-diet, in which you eat only 1 food every day. Nor do they support liquid diet, in which you only drink juices and do not eat any food.

They totally go with a proper balanced diet which includes all types of foods.

How can you have a healthy balanced diet?

Incorporate a wide variety of foods in the right proportions and try to eat 5 meals in a day. This will help you to achieve and maintain a balanced diet.

A healthy balanced diet should have all these foods in them
A healthy balanced diet should have all these foods in them

Possible’s diet to reduce weight might be a bit slower but, it lets you lose weight in a right approach.

Through this weight loss program, it will encourage you to develop healthy habits for life. Because weight loss and healthy eating is not a short-term solution but a long term commitment.

Possible’s healthy diet plan to reduce weight

There are 4 Cycles (Detox, Fat Burning Cycle, Metabolic Booster Cycle and Maintenance) and 11 phases in the Possible weight loss program.

The Truweight diet phases start with 10 days detox followed by the different diet phases. Each diet phase is for 15 days.

Phases also help to change the metabolic rate. An active metabolism induces weight loss. Phases like calorie shifting can revamp the metabolism and break plateaus if reached.

Here, are the different phases of Possible program which has been discussed in detail:

1. Detox Phase

In today’s world, all of us need to detox once in a while to cleanse our system.

Detox attacks three main causes of obesity: toxicity, gut bacteria imbalance and inflammation. Through healthy digestion, Possible tries to achieve the following:

Key 1: Reduce inflammation and bloating by removing food sensitivities

Key 2: Re-establish healthy bacterial balance

Key 3: Reduce toxic elements from our body

Weight loss program
Detox Phase

2. Superfood Phase

After detoxification, your body is fully primed for fat burning.

In Super food phase, Low Glycemic index diet is used in combination with superfoods.  

This starts with your fat loss by activating your fat burning hormones.

Superfood phase
Superfood phase

Image Source: Vegan Liftz

3. High Protein Phase

Every cell in our body contains protein. Proteins are the building blocks helping in growth, repair and maintenance of our body.  

Most of us consume less amount of protein than what we require. A low protein diet leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue and also lowers our immunity.

A protein rich diet can slow down hunger, make you feel fuller and release a fat burning hormone called Leptin.

4. Immune Booster Phase

Immune Booster phase is about phyto chemicals which are plant chemicals that may prevent and/or suppress diseases in the human body.

5. Revitalizing Sugar Detox

Revitalizing detox will help to improve the insulin resistance, sugar cravings and will also cleanse the system.

6. Belly Fat Phase

Reducing fat from the belly is not just for cosmetic reasons but also important to reduce your risk for metabolic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension etc.

In this phase, the focus would be to reduce the belly fat by an introduction of foods rich in  MUFA, Vitamin C, calcium, CLA, anti- bloat foods etc.

7. Nutrition Balance

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the root causes of obesity.

Balancing deficiencies through food and getting educated on the rich sources of essential micro-nutrients like iron, calcium will help in preventing the deficiencies and improve weight loss.

Nutritional foods
Nutritional foods

8. Forgotten Foods Phase

This phase is all about forgotten foods: ragi, jowar, bajra, kuttu, foxtail millet.

Foods that we ate till 50/100 years ago in large quantities, but somehow the advent of consumerism has ensured the death of these products on the urban plate.

Apart from these phases, there are Seasonal Phases (like Summer diet, Monsoon diet), Shifting Grains Phase and Weight Loss Plateau Phase.

Your nutrition coach will give you these phases if there is a need.

Some questions answered about the diet phases:

Are all phases completely different from each other?

Possible has different phases in the program, but 60-80% of diet would remain similar in different phases. Changing the diet completely every week is very cumbersome.

In every phase, they will make some minor changes to your diet to highlight one important aspect of diet. You can carry forward good things from one phase to another.

It is like learning different chapters in a book. If you read chapter 2, you do not forget chapter 1.

“You have a High Protein Phase; does it mean other weeks are not high protein?”

No, that’s not the case. Some weeks are slightly higher in protein compared to other phases and idea is to teach you the benefits of protein in this phase. So, you should look at different phases as a learning tool more than anything else.

“Why is there a need for change in phases every 15 days?”

“Variety is the spice of life.” Having different phases breaks the monotony and gives a variety of diet plans.

Different phases will help in the gradual introduction of super foods and regular foods with different nutrient composition.

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It helps to fulfill the requirement of almost all macro and micro-nutrients e.g. high protein phases emphasizes on good sources of protein, immune booster phase emphasizes on the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Watch the video that tells you the role of different phases which has helped nearly 10,000 people lose weight forever.

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