Weight Gain Pattern For Women & How Can They Lose It?

Weight Gain Pattern For Women

For women, weight loss diet plan doesn’t have to be about desperate workouts all the time – the perfect women weight loss diet plan is all about making some simple lifestyle changes.

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However, there are a million health questions women have when it comes to losing weight. For instance, what about the weight gain during pregnancy? Or can you still lose weight while on your period?

Or whether there are any diseases that prevent weight loss? Read on.  Start out by reading some helpful weight loss tips.

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Weight gain pattern in women

The weight gain pattern in women is varied but here is the most common trend – they begin storing the additional kilos especially in the lower half of their body, as opposed to men who gain weight around their midsections.

As a general rule, women tend to store fat around the thighs and hips. That is why one usually sees increased butt sizes and bulky legs in overweight women.

Did you know?

Women also have a higher body fat percentage as compared to men. This essentially means that for for the same BMI, women have more fat than men. In fact, healthy fat levels are different for men (10-15%) and women (20-25%). Also, women lose weight at a slower rate than men do.

How can women lose weight?

What to do when you can’t lose weight?

Losing weight isn’t impossible – all it takes it starting small, keeping realistic goals, and a combination of lifestyle changes and a well-balanced, healthy diet. Read on for some healthy and effective weight loss tips to break weight gain patterns in women.

Cutting calories:

Consuming fewer calories than what you eat currently is the key to losing weight.

The energy deficit causes the body to tap into other sources of fuel (fat tissue) to make up for the difference. Women will be able to lose as much as 1 kg per week by creating a deficit of 1,000 calories/day.

However, you need to carefully watch how much you eat – if you eat too little, your metabolism will slow down, which is counter-productive since it makes you regain all the lost weight and some more.

Do you have hyperthyroidism? Click here to read about weight management strategies when you have this condition.

Loading up on lean protein:

Women need to focus on lean protein in their healthy, balanced diets for the best results. According to Precision Nutrition, protein intake is where many women fall short in.

Protein helps shed the kilos by consuming more energy to digest than fats or carbs, thus boosting the metabolism. It also provides the extra nutritional support one needs for their workouts, helping build lean, sleek muscle for a toned body.

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Getting some exercise:

Exercise is a must for women wishing to lose weight, especially the cardiovascular kind. Women can experiment with aerobic exercises such as dance-inspired workouts, cycling classes, jogging on the treadmill, swimming, etc. to do away with the boredom while shedding kilos.

Women should also try pumping iron which, contrary to myths, will not make them ‘bulky’, but will rather build muscle, boost metabolism, make the lower body, core, and arms more shapely, as well as improve one’s posture. Scheduling 2-3 workouts per week is a necessity, as is choosing challenging exercises for your body.

Here is an amazing guide for women to lose weight on their hips.

Dealing with period weight gain:

It is important for women to understand that weight-loss journeys are different for everyone and the monthly fluctuations in hormones could affect them not just emotionally but also physically. So, is it harder to lose weight on your period? Yes and no.

Spikes in the hormone progesterone in the PMS phase causes swelling, tenderness, and bloating. The hormone also causes the release of the hormone aldosterone, which causes sodium and water retention, causing the puffier appearance.

The weight could also be water weight, which is the body’s way to prepare for pregnancy. Dealing with period weight gain entails exercising on, no matter how tempting it is to stop doing so, changing caffeine intakes, eating nutrient-rich foods, keeping track of your progress, and ignoring everyone else!

Styling tips:

When all fails and weight loss is a slow process, it isn’t a bad idea to engage in a different track. Paying attention to one’s posture and styling choices will go a long way in enhancing your best assets and taking attention away from the problematic areas.

Hence, women need to understand their weight gain patterns and need to be prepared for weight fluctuations and not be daunted by it. A combination of working out regularly and keeping a check on one’s dietary habits is the best way to keep up with a healthy weight loss and maintain the pattern.

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1. Do you lose weight after your period or do you lose weight during the period?

Since progesterone levels drop before the period, weight gain happens during the pre-period and the first few days of the period. During the latter half of the period (4th/5th day onward), a workout and dietary regime causes a drop in weight.

2. What medical conditions can stop you from losing weight?

An underactive or sluggish thyroid, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), allergic reactions to certain foods, certain drugs or pills such as birth control ones or even antidepressants are some of the reasons which could hinder weight loss in women.

3. Where do women gain weight the most?

Women gain weight in the lower half of their body, especially around the hips and thighs.

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