What is the truth behind Possible’s weight loss Programme?

What is the weight loss program? How many such weight loss program you know about and how efficient they are? All those who are seeking weight loss are searching for the right guidance to attain the truth and not any misconception.

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The concept of a weight loss program should not be confined to losing weight while you are on the platform. It refers to weight management involving the short-term and long-term objectives.

Short term objective– weight loss

Long-term objective– maintenance of weight with healthy eating habits and physical activity.

But the question is how many of the firms follow such healthy meal plans or ensures a healthy approach of weight loss diet?

Best Diet to lose weight fast

It catches your attention. Isn’t it? But I have another question for you. Is the fastest way always the best way?

Is it worth trying, keeping health at stake? I think the answer should be No!!

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The best diet may or may not give fast results but assure efficient results whereas the fast diets may not be the best diets and neither can assure efficient results.

This is where the definition of the Best diet emerges as the one that gives you the sustainability, long-lasting effect of weight loss irrespective of any reliability on the supplements or crash dieting.

What this best diet for weight loss comprises of?

The constituents of the weight loss diet vary and depend on firm, belief and approach.

  • There are several weight loss programs that can draw your attention with unnatural supplements, vowing fast weight loss
  • Such supplements may give the short-term pleasure of weight loss but have been proved to be harmful, imparting lethal impact on the vital organs as proved in various studies
  • Similar ideology was shared by a reputed organization- National Institute of Health, which revealed about the ingredient’s use and health impact.

It is about morals and ethics

The main principle should be based on moral values and honesty. This ensures the healthy lifestyle ahead, free of diseases, infections, and lethargy and dullness.

It should consist of healthy meal plans and expert guidance throughout.  This helps in goal achievement by inculcating healthy diet habits and physical activity inclusion as well.

How Possible’s weight loss program can help me?

The approach is based on the principle of honest weight loss by employing Nature based Superfoods which are rich in bioactive compounds and inhibiting any use of machines or synthetic pills.

Possible’s weight loss program employed these superfoods to ensure efficient results without any side effect.

Possible's superfoods for weight loss

This was proven by one study conducted by Possible that included 120 clients, who, after their written consent, were ready to take up these 11 cycles for weight reduction. The complete cycle consists of detox for 10 days followed by a customized meal plan for one month.


Table 1: Effect of Possible’s 10-day detox and one month Diet programme on the Body Mass Index of the clients

Initial (0 Days)

Detox (10 Days)

One month (30 Days)

Over weight Obese Severely obese Over weight Obese Severely obese Normal Over weight Obese

Females (%)

34.5 36.9 28.6 36.9 36.9 26.2 3.6 41.7 31

Males (%)

30.6 47.2 22.22 41.6 41.7 16.7 2.8 50 30.6


The results were significant. There was a healthy transition in the BMI categories from severe obesity to obesity, overweight. Even Normal BMI category that did not exist at the initial point of the study as demonstrated in Table 1 and Figure 1

Figure 1: Impact of weight loss programme on the BMI – Initially, after detox and after one month


The results proved that this healthy journey from severely obese to normal BMI was healthy, not on the basis of starvation but choosing wisely and eating healthy.

Several people have come on this platform with worries for lifestyle diseases, overweight and went back with smiles, accomplishing back their confidence and healthy lifestyle while being on this journey of weight loss programme. Success stories are endless that can help to begin yours.


Quick bytes

1] What is the best way to lose body fat?
Focusing on key nutrients will help in boosting metabolism and losing extra fat rather than cutting down on calories. Besides that, exercise is important.

2] How to reduce the belly fat naturally?

Focus on natural metabolic boosters and regular exercise to ensure flat belly. There should be healthy balance between calorie consumption and calorie burnt

3] What food helps in burning extra body fat?
The fibre-rich foods like whole fruits and vegetables along with protein-rich diet helps in fastening up the metabolic rate. This eventually helps in burning extra fat due to an increased rate of energy expenditure.

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2 thoughts on “What is the truth behind Possible’s weight loss Programme?

  1. amr elsa says:

    Natural improvement of weight loss exercise
    For all that you want to accomplish in life, you must have a plan and set standards on how you are going to do it. It will be very difficult to achieve your goals without these principles; determination, patience and discipline. On another note, you should be realistic and honest to yourself.

    • somaraghavendra says:

      Hi Amr, you are right. We should have a plan and work accordingly to reach the goals in our life. The same thing is applicable in weight-loss also. A 20% of physical activity along with the 80% of proper nutritious food will help you in fat loss and improves muscle percentage.

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