Why Do You Get High Cholesterol Despite Low Weight


There is a common misconception that people with cholesterol are fat or overweight. This is actually far from the truth. Studies have shown that regardless of whether you are fat or skinny, you can have a high cholesterol count.

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The amount of cholesterol does not affect your weight. This is because cholesterol is a different kind of fat.

Most people have the common notion that body fat is a common singular thing which is the cause of being obese and overweight.

They believe that it is this substance that is accumulated under the skin which causes people to have a more “rounded” figure.

This concept is partially true. The human body houses different kind of fats in various ways, each way affecting the body differently.

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Similarly, cholesterol is a type of fat that does not affect how much a person weighs but rather how the human circulatory system works.


Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is produced in the body by the liver. About 75% of the cholesterol produced in the body is by the liver.

Consumption of fatty and cholesterol-rich foods acquires the rest. Unlike normal fat, cholesterol is not stored or accumulated under the skin.

It is found in the veins and arteries of the circulatory system. This lets us understand better how and why high cholesterol is bad for the human body.

When you have a high cholesterol amount, some part of it used by the body to build cell walls and fortify tissues. But, since there is a high amount, the unused excess amount is trapped and stored in the arteries where the blood flows.

Due to constant and excessive deposition of cholesterol in the arteries and veins, the blood flow can get restricted and this will result in organs receiving less blood and oxygen, especially that heart and brain.

Due to this, you can suffer from strokes and organ failure and in some extreme cases can even lead to death.


There are many causes that lead to a high cholesterol amount in the body. A person’s diet and lifestyle can affect the amount of fat that is present in his or her body and how it circulates throughout it.

All of the following can lead to an increase in cholesterol level in your body and affect the ratio of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol present.

1] Saturated fats

Eating and consuming high amounts of saturated fats in your daily diet can lead to high cholesterol deposition in your body.

Many food items in your meals contain high amounts of saturated fats that we consume almost on a daily basis without realizing. Fast food and street food are also two of the many contributors to the increased intake of saturated fats.

2] Physical inactivity

Not getting enough exercise and physical activity is also a major factor for the increase in cholesterol levels.

Though it does not increase the amount of cholesterol, not getting sufficient movement in the body causes the body to be unable to burn and remove the excess cholesterol.

Physical movement and locomotion is the best way to remove reserves of fat both in under in the skin and in the blood. People who are observed to be physically inactive are often seen to be more prone to high cholesterol and associated ailments.

3] Obesity

Obesity is one of the major causes of high cholesterol. People who are obese have a high chance of developing problems caused by increased cholesterol levels.

4] Smoking

Smoking is a habit that not only hampers your lungs but also contributes to the flux of cholesterol in your system.

Excessive smoking can lead to high cholesterol levels in your system which can lead to future problems like strokes and organ failure along with asthma and lung problems.

Apart from these, medical conditions and prescribed medication can also have an adverse effect on your cholesterol.

Many times, certain diseases like type-2 diabetes and kidney and liver problems can also be the cause of high cholesterol.

Though rare, genetic traits passed down from the previous generation can also affect how much cholesterol your body produces and is affected by it.


Your diet plays an important role in how you can control and lower your cholesterol count.

Eating healthy and having proper exercise is the most natural way to lower cholesterol if you want to avoid medication.


Just as eating the right food is important, you should be aware of the food which you should avoid in order to control your cholesterol.

Here are some of the foods you should avoid when you are having a high cholesterol diet solution:


In Indian culture, eating beef is, in general, frowned upon. But with society becoming more and more diverse, people have begun to indulge in this type of meat.

So if you are someone who is conscious of your cholesterol and are making an effort to reduce it then this is one meat that you should avoid.

Fatty beef is full of cholesterol. This adds a lot to your system apart from the cholesterol that your liver is producing anyways. This extra intake of cholesterol significantly increases the amount of cholesterol in your system.


There are a lot of packaged materials and food items that people are likely to buy when that are out shopping or are on the streets.

Things like cookies, doughnuts, cakes and pastries are all rich sources of cholesterol. They are difficult to burn off and remain in your system for a long time.

Each of these items is made with butter sugar and fatty cream that you should actively avoid if your cholesterol levels are something that has been bothering you.

Healthy cholesterol


Another sort of packaged item, potatoes chips and crackers are fried in saturated fat oils. Often, they contain lard and other oils that cause high cholesterol to build up in your body.

Continuous consumption of these products can lead to a significant rise in the amount of bad cholesterol in your body.


We use vegetable oil in almost all our dishes. Even though people claim to use a little amount, by having a number of dishes that use little amounts of saturated vegetable oils, a large amount of this oil enters the body.

Breaking down saturated vegetable oils and kernel oils takes a lot of time in the body and adds to the rise of cholesterol amounts.


Fried food items are storehouses of extra cholesterol that the body has no use for. These items are deep fried in saturated vegetable oil and lard which adds to the amount of cholesterol and overall harms the human body when ultimately consumed.


Everyone loves to enjoy a nice serving of buttered popcorn while watching a movie. Regrettably, popcorn is flavored with artificial butter and fat that is primarily cholesterol.

This keeps circulating the body for a long period of time lining the walls of the veins.

Continued consumption of buttered and artificially flavored popcorn boots the amount of cholesterol that exists in your body by a substantial amount. This much cholesterol is not very beneficial for your body and can lead to future aggravation.

There are so many food items that contribute to high cholesterol. It is not possible to cut down on all of them. Also, a completely fat-free diet can also prove harmful.

It always is best to consult a doctor or health advisor before making drastic changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Having high cholesterol can be troublesome in the future. To lower it, you should actively exercise and eat healthily. Cardio and healthy food choices are what most people advice if you aim to avoid medicinal help.

Knowing which high cholesterol foods to avoid is something that all individuals should know and be aware of.

Possessing knowledge of what is cholesterol and how it affects the human body when there is an excess of it is vital to treat it.

Avoiding rich oily and fatty foods and embracing more light and saturated fats free diet is what is recommended to lower cholesterol.


Those who have successfully managed high cholesterol have significantly less risk of developing coronary mishaps and can avoid strokes and pains.

People who have adopted a low cholesterol lifestyle not only have seen development in that specific aspect but in overall health condition as well.

Having the proper amount of cholesterol allows your body to have smoother and stronger blood circulation throughout the body.

Organs are better oxygenated and function better. Also, your tissues and cells become much stronger and resilient to external diseases.

Consuming cholesterol-laden products in calculated periods of intervals can be accepted if you rigorously follow a healthy routine to counterbalance it.

If you have high cholesterol and you aim to reduce it then, following a set diet plan and exercise routine is what you should dedicate yourself to.

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