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Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

The modern lifestyle has standardized menus and palates to such an extent that unhealthy food has become the order of the day.

If one is serious about losing weight or getting into shape, there are some foods that need to be avoided:

1) Mayonnaise-based salads:

Sure, they are delicious, but that’s because they are loaded with fat. If you want to lose weight, go in for yogurt salad dressings and enjoy seeing a healthy you.

2) Diet drinks, diet sweets, and chocolates:

If you’re into diet drinks and chocolates, remember that they are great for raising your insulin levels to the point that you suffer from water retention and show obvious signs of weight gain.

Instead of diet drinks, drink either lime juice cordial or fresh lime soda. Diet sweets are both low-fat and rich in sugars, 90% of which is converted into fat. So, watch it.

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3) Coffee:

Every cup of coffee you drink notches up 15 calories if you take sugar too. So, start counting the calories you’re adding on every day with each cup of coffee you drink. Instead, try herbal tea without sugar.

4) Packaged soups:

Whether you drink packaged soups or restaurant-made thick soups, you tend to take in a lot of corn flour and cream that adds to your belly fat. Your best bet would be clear soup—whether vegetable or non-vegetarian like chicken or mutton.

5) Processed foods:

Read the ingredients list on all packaged and processed food labels. You’ll find they contain chemicals, preservatives, and stabilizers.

So, these ingredients do not make them ideal candidates for weight loss. Instead, opt for freshly cooked food.

6) Bread:

If you thought to eat a couple of slices of toast with a cup of tea would slim you down, think again.

There’s more fat converted to fat from toast and faster too than the conversion of chapatti to fat. So, it’s best to mix wheat flour with bran, which contains fiber, if you want to lose weight.

7) Biscuits:

These are high in refined sugars too, so avoid them as far as possible, and if you must munch on something, try puffed rice.

8) Chewing gum:

This contains a high quantity of sugar. Sugar gets converted to fat very quickly, so this won’t help with weight loss. If you want to chew on something, try chewing on cardamom.

9) Supari (Betel Nut):

Betel nuts and betel leaves can add on many unnecessary calories. So, if you are a paan lover, try cutting down eating this or chew on cardamom or cinnamon.

10) Peanuts:

For every 100 gm of roasted peanuts that you at, you add on 600 calories. Instead, go in for roasted Bengal gram.

You would literally be ruining all your efforts to control your weight by having any of these foods.

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If you can reduce these foods from your life, and consume them only when your dietitian asks you to, you will be on track to meeting your fitness goals.

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