10 Ways To Battle Post Lunch Slump

beat mid day tiredness

Do you dread the inactivity spell that hits you after lunch? Want to work on a deadline but midday is your weakest energy link? Do you naturally gravitate towards the bed or feel like snoozing after lunch?

Read on to know how to beat this energy slump.

Tiredness at work-Sleep Sciences
Tiredness at work?

The Science behind the slump

Sleep Science shows us that there are 4 reasons why you feel tired and sleepy halfway through the day. It would be: 

  1. Not getting enough sleep at night. With an alarming 93% of Indians being sleep deprived, feeling groggy and least productive in the afternoon is expected.
  2. Our circadian rhythm is characterized as a sine wave that peaks and troughs. With an hour of sleep deprivation in the night, your circadian rhythm is screaming ‘get some rest now’.
  3. Post lunch hypoglycemia following a high-fat diet as the body is unable to digest it.
  4. An overall tough day which culminates into a lunch break and reduction in activity!

Try these tricks to beat post-lunch fatigue

You might feel your mind and body struggling to stay alert as the clock strikes 3 o’clock past noon, there are ways you can get your mind and body back into action. Here are 10 pointers to help you achieve that:

  1. Get some sun. sunlight will help reset your body clock and reduce the levels of the sleep hormone melatonin that makes you feel inactive. On days stepping out seems difficult, just walk around the office to rev yourself up.
  2. Get some protein and fiber as an afternoon snack. Eating as an activity can banish the grogginess. Loading up on protein is also a smart thing to do. You will find your sleep vanishing away. Good snack options are trail mixes, slices fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.
  3. Schedule easy tasks: Like cleaning your wardrobe, organizing your inbox, clearing out your desk or simply running an errand. That way you can schedule high energy tasks for when you are at your brightest.
  4. Talk to friends. It will not only refresh you but give you the vigor to get back to the task at hand
  5. Tea time is afternoon time. No wonder stimulants like coffee or tea are best suited for the afternoon slump time. It gives you a break and also stimulates the brain.
  6. Add variety to your afternoons. If you have cleared out your desk one afternoon then reserve group meetings for the next. The other day, go for a small walk or simply get creative while at work with doodles or sketches.
  7. Drink a big glass of cold water. It will wake you up. Add a slice of lemon or seasonal fruits to make it tasty. Remember, do not end up consuming more sugar by adding flavored powders and instant mixes.
  8. Listen to upbeat music. That will drive away the grogginess and the blues.
  9. Stretch and flex a muscle. These office workouts are the best to get your mind cleared while keeping your health goals in check.
  10. Give into a catnap: Tried everything and still battling the slump, then try a catnap for 15 mins. Those working late nights or battling sleeplessness in the night can benefit from a small catnap.

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Battle Post Lunch Slump

  1. Prachi Vats says:

    Hey this is so helpful, working for long on computers aches the eyes. Hope to follow this in routine and be energetic the whole day else after lunch it is so difficult. Thankyou so much for sharing this.

    • somaraghavendra says:

      Hi! We thank you for sharing your valuable feedback on “10 ways to battle post lunch slump”. It’s a great feedback, Keep following our blog to know more health information.

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