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When life throws a million reason to be dejected about, don’t just succumb. Instead, find ways to improve your mood and energy instantly. While in the throes of a bad mood, everything seems bleak. Stay with us here and just do the following:

Take 5 deep breaths with your eyes closed shutting down all the thoughts!!

That would have helped a bit. We suggest you read our blog for X really simple shortcuts that will help you have a happy mood and crackling energy to tackle the day.

Here are the 16 ways to improve your mood instantly and fight depressive feelings:

1. Walk in the sun

Walking in the sun can uplift the mood

Walking in the sun can uplift the moodThe best way to bust a bad mood is by soaking some sun. Research finds that a lack of vitamin D can play havoc with your mood.

If you’re working, go for a quick walk or if that’s not possible, then go to a window with ample sunlight and bask in its glory.

A walk can also keep you active while the fresh breeze can declutter your mind. The other benefit of vitamin D is weight loss!

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But what if a bad mood spell hits you in the night? Then switch on all the lights in the house!

In a study, 50% of the people with depression symptoms were immediately relieved when exposed to bright light.  So go on and banish darkness (and bad mood) with bright lights.

2. Pet a dog or cat

Adopting a pet can bring happiness

Adopting a pet can bring happinessA study by the University of Missouri found that just spending a few minutes a day playing with a dog improves the levels of feel-good hormones-oxytocin and serotonin in the brain.

Now isn’t that great news? Don’t have a pet? In a country like India, stray dogs and cats are plenty to come by. It will do you a world of good if you go outside, feed them some biscuits and play with them.

3. Sniff some scents

Sniffing scent can make your mood better
Sniffing scent can make your mood better

Not in the best of the mood. Feel them depression symptoms coming up? Light an aromatic candle with orange essential oil or lavender.

You could also try having these pleasant scents in your office cubicle or in neat corners of your home.

Study finds that a pleasant orange and lavender aroma helped calm anxiety and improve mood in a dental clinic.

4. Shop smartly

Shop smartly for pampering yourself
Shop smartly for pampering yourself

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness wasn’t entirely true. Money can help you buy great experiences which can lighten even the worse of the moods there is.

A survey conducted by the Empire State College among 329 shoppers backs this up.

They found that ‘experience shopping’ like going for a movie, having a great meal outing, or enjoying a concert made them happier than those who splurged their money on material things.

Plus you get to take your plus 1 or more for such events! So a great family outing can help you fight depression or bad mood swings.

5. Meet and greet with friends

Meet and greet with friends
Meet and greet with friends

Just exactly what we have been saying all this while. Everyone has a friend who is the life of a party or a comic one.

Time to call them up or best still, meet them for a quick lunch or tea date. You will laugh away your mood blues.

6. Practise yoga and breathing techniques

Practise yoga for good mood
Practise yoga for good mood

Many people confuse yoga to be an extensive workout regime. While the asanas help loosen stiff muscles, yoga is not just about twisting and turning your body in weird angles.

There is a whole world of pranayams which can help train your mind. A trained mind is better able to fight bad mood or depressing thought spirals. We give you these 11 yoga asanas for a better mind and mood.

7. Take a shower

Taking a shower can cheer up the mood
Taking a shower can cheer up the mood

Have you heard the term ‘wash away your blues?’. The way to improve a bad mood instantly is by having a luxurious shower.

To make the experience worthwhile, add orange or lavender bath salts to the water. The dual purpose of better skin cleansing and fighting depression.

On another note, do drink a lot of water. After all, your body needs pampering too.

8. Get organizing your home or wardrobe

Organizing the wardrobe can make you feel less messy
Organizing the wardrobe can make you feel less messy

There is nothing uplifting than finding lost treasures, pictures or an old clothing as you try cleaning your wardrobe.

While it may not be a preferred activity for many, doing so keeps your mind away from bad thoughts.

When in office, do clean your file cabinet. Who knows, you may stumble upon your gift from your secret santa or an appreciation letter too. Declutter is an instant way to boost your mood up.

9. Play an upbeat song and dance

Play an upbeat song and dance
Play an upbeat song and dance

We give you an upbeat song to groove to. Happy by Pharrell Williams.Keep it running in the background or play it out loud.

Do a small jig as you walk around the home or just tap your legs to it. Here is the science to show how music also helped cheer up sick patients in the hospital. Go ahead, improve your mood instantly with an upbeat song.

10. Include these mood-lifting foods

Include fresh foods

Food is the answer to a happy mood. There are plenty of foods that can pep you up with their nutrition.

Load up on proteins since they provide tryptophan, the amino acid which forms the building block for feel-good hormone serotonin.

Here is the list of 10 high protein foods. Walnuts, kiwi, fish, turkey, pineapples, tomatoes are all good for a happy mood.

The best part about including protein is that some of them are rich in omega-3 too. Like fish. Omega-3 fats are also great mood boosters.

Additional good mood foods are Bananas, whole grain foods, berries, raw cacao (mind you, not chocolate, we don’t want you piling on weight in search of mental well being), ginger tea among others.

11. Cook your way to a happy mood

Cooking can help you feel happy
Cooking can help you feel happy

Now that you know what helps to lighten your mood, go invent a recipe or simply try out your grandmama’s special in the kitchen.

Cooking and baking seem to have magical mood-lifting powers. Don’t trust us? Go figure if it works for you.

12. Go for a jog outside

Jogging can bring good vibes
Jogging can bring good vibes

There are tons of research on the positives of exercise on clinical depression and mental well-being.

While we aren’t fighting a demon that huge, a bad mood can be banished pretty quick with an outdoor jog or an indoor jumping jack or skipping. Now you have no reason to mop around.

13. Include the colour green to drive the blues away

Include more of green colour
Include more of green colour

Psychologists attribute the colour green to happiness. That’s an easy answer to how to improve your mood instantly.

Wear a green dress, spend some time with the plants, walk on manicured(or otherwise) lawns, write with a green pen. The possibilities are limitless.

14. Stock up on multivitamins to cover deficiencies

Have the necessary multivitamins
Have the necessary multivitamins

While we highly recommend getting all your nutrients from the food, there is always a possibility of missing out on a few micro-nutrients.

These micro-nutrients could simply help you feel better. Among them are chromium and folate.

Ask your doctor for the recommended dosage of these vitamins to ward off mood swing and fight off depression.

15. Do something new today

Learn a new language
Learn a new language

Want to learn a new language? Wanted to know where that strange path close to your home leads to? Or curious about how a new coffee shake will taste? Go ahead and do it.

A new addition to an old routine can also improve your mood instantly.

16. Watch a stand-up comedy show

Laugh your way out & lift the mood

This the season for stand up comedy. YouTube is bursting with Indian comic talent.

While we aren’t promoting it on our blog, but we highly recommend having a hearty laugh. After all, there is plenty of science on the benefits of laughing.

You can consult a Possible nutritionist for some quick-fix for a happy mood. The best news is the first one is Free.

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