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This Is How Shilpa Shetty Lost Her Post Delivery Weight In Just Few Months!

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Medically reviewed by  Saachi Sethi, Postgraduate Degree in Food and Nutrition Who would have thought that this dusky damsel in her first-ever performance in the movie Baazigar would make it this far and become what she is today – a successful actor, a loving wife and mother, an entrepreneur and a yoga guru? Yes, we are […]

16 Natural Beauty Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Valentine’s Day!

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When love is in the air, everything seems perfect…isn’t it? Love makes us glow like nothing else in the world does. You need a glowing skin to attract your valentine. Love gives you the glow, there are many other factors that tend to snatch it away. Pollution, harsh winters and exposure to chemicals are the […]

6 Cons Of Using Body Shapers You Might Have Not Known

Cons Of Using Body Shapers

The first that comes to my mind the moment I hear terms like “body shapers”, “body slimmers”, “waist trimmers”, etc, is whether these products actually work. And we they do work, then how? The moment you try googling on these lines, you will find various companies advertising products on similar lines making promises of making […]

16 Surefire Ways To Have a Happy Mood Instantly | Possible

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When life throws a million reason to be dejected about, don’t just succumb. Instead, find ways to improve your mood and energy instantly. While in the throes of a bad mood, everything seems bleak. Stay with us here and just do the following: Take 5 deep breaths with your eyes closed shutting down all the […]

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