6 Cons Of Using Body Shapers You Might Have Not Known

Cons Of Using Body Shapers

The first that comes to my mind the moment I hear terms like “body shapers”, “body slimmers”, “waist trimmers”, etc, is whether these products actually work. And we they do work, then how?

The moment you try googling on these lines, you will find various companies advertising products on similar lines making promises of making you achieve an hourglass figure of sorts.

But the question still remains, how true are these claims. How effective these body shapers are in reality.

Now in this article, we choose to bring to you a few pros and cons of using a body shaper finally leaving the final call for you to take whether you would like to use a body shaper or you would like to follow a gradual way to weight loss which is sustainable in future.

There are definitely a few benefits of wearing that body shaper, especially if you are eyeing to don that slimmer you on a special occasion.

Looking good on special occasions is certainly important and when you have made the effort of spending time on selecting that outfit, you would certainly not want to look as if you have squeezed into it.

So let us see why body shapers come across as a good choice while we look out to achieve a slimmer and less flabby version of ourselves and wish to fit into clothes which otherwise don’t “fit” the bill for us.

So let’s take a look at various benefits a body shaper offers to you.

Different facets of using body shapers
Different facets of using body shapers

1.  Provide A Slimmer Physique In A Jiffy

There is certainly no doubt that a body shaper gives you an instantly ready slimmer physical appearance.

Most users can fit into maybe 2 sizes smaller than the normal while in their body shapers. This obviously provides an instant solution to people weighing on the heavier side.

And what better than to look good and feel great! So one point to body shapers here!

2. Easily Available In The Market And Shopping Websites

As idealists, we may want to disagree here but the fact remains that appearance plays an important role in whether you are liked or not during the first meeting; and a slim appearance always gets extra marks.

A body shaper provides an easy way to make your way towards that slimmer you without going through rigorous exercises and crash diets.

It gives a slimmer appearance to your entire body, from your bellies to back to thighs – so basically the whole of upper and lower body.

Now the best part is yet to come i.e. it is easily available in the market and on shopping websites. You can easily visit one of the stores and try your body shaper before buying it.

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Even the shopping websites today provide this option to the users of trying the product before buying. So there you go!

3. Invisible Beneath Clothes

Because these body shapers are made of Lycra-based fabric containing advanced microfibers, the body shaper, as a result, has a sheerness that makes it easily hidden under clothes.

This implies that it anybody looking at you from outside can’t make out that you are actually wearing something fishy inside which is giving you that “fabricated” slimness. That is just for you to know!

4. Go Well With A Weight Loss Program You May Be Following

If you have already been exercising and dieting for acquiring your desired shape, the body shaper may come as a motivation for you.

You can wear that dress you have been eyeing for long sooner than the actual time it would have taken you otherwise.

So you get to experience that “feel good” factor much before that tumultuous road of sacrifice and self-discipline ends.  

Now that we have briefly discussed the benefits of using a body shaper, we also wish to draw your attention to the various disadvantages it offers to its users. Here are they:   

5. Health Risks While Using Body Shapers

Whatever said and done, body shapers are extremely tight garments, which insanely sticks to the body while compressing it.

In the long run, wearing such a tight garment may play havoc with your well being, completing defeating the intention of wearing the body shaper in the first place.

1. Adversely Affect the Functioning of Lungs

Body shapers that are worn along the upper body start compressing the lower lobes of the lungs stopping them from expanding to their fullest.

This means that lungs in such a situation, cannot take up oxygen as much as they would have wanted to thus affecting the breathing and overall functioning of lungs in the long run.

2. Cause Irregular Blood Circulation

Because of its tight fitting on the body, body shapers exert high pressure on skin and muscles causing an ill effect on blood circulation in the long run.

Tight body shapers cause the heart to work harder to pump blood into the compressed areas, thus tiring the heart easily.

Sometimes blood clots can also form due to this, which when travel to the heart and lungs cause immediate death. This phenomenon is called embolism.

3. Cause Indigestion

Body shapers not only exert pressure externally but also on the external organs such as stomach, intestines, liver, etc.. basically organs controlling the digestion process adversely affecting the process of digestion. Gastritis or acid reflux is commonly observed in people making regular use of body shapers.

4. Adversely Affect The Bladder

People using shapewear, especially women wearing body shapers feel inconvenience in using the restroom because of its tight fit.

It is not easily removable and thus restricts urine passing in women. This causes severe discomfort and urinary infections in the long run.

5. Give Rise To Numbness In Legs

Because the body shapers compress the thighs for as long you are wearing them. The tightness quotient reduces the blood flow and also sometimes compress the nerves, leading to problems like numbness of the leg and cramps.

6. Create Breeding Grounds For Infections

Wearing body shapers for a long time causes sweat and moisture to make way in the area where the body shaper has been worn. The moisture can lead to various fungi and bacteria on the skin giving way to various infections, rashes, etc.

So here we have given you a look at the various benefits and hazards of using a body shaper. Now, whether or not you use it should be totally your call.

But let us tell you. There are no shortcuts to acquiring that hourglass figure. If at all you must acquire it, you have to start exercising and supplement it with a healthy and balanced diet.

Body shapers have a very short-term effect causing more harm than offering any benefits. So get up and get going! Hit the gym, start walking, consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and most importantly, start detoxifying.

This will give you a result you have been waiting to experience. We are telling you, if you start following these, you would never need to do something with your body that brings you side effects and ill health.

Want to know more about other healthy and sustainable ways that aid in weight loss along with providing nutrition to your body while avoiding all the side effects?

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