5 Signs That You Have Liver Dysfunction

5 signs of liver dysfunction

The liver is an important organ in the human body. It functions and processes the food and liquid that is consumed by the human body.

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The liver is also the largest organ in the human body. Alcohol and smoking are injurious for liver health.

What does the liver do?

The liver helps in food digesting and helps in processing the energy, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre to the body and transports the waste for processing out.

Keeping a healthy body and a healthy diet is utmost important to keep liver fit and healthy. Your liver can get damaged by viruses or the consumption of alcohol.

If there is a constant damage to your liver it can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer that is mostly in the case of fatty liver cell development. Liver generates cells on its own and keeps processing the old ones out.

Fatty liver cells can lead to multiple failures of the liver making it weak and gives threat to life. The usual symptoms of a liver dysfunction can be;

  • Jaundice.
  • Pains and swelling of abdominal
  • Swelling of legs and ankle
  • Darker colour of urine
  • Itch in skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • No or very less concentration
  • Fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

These are some of the symptoms of any liver dysfunction. One needs to keep a constant check on these symptoms and consult the doctor immediately for the cure. The liver dysfunction can be the cured if known early.

Here are the top 5 signs that you have liver dysfunction:

1. A swollen abdomen

Abdomen pain
Abdomen pain

Cirrhosis is a serious liver disease which is referred to as liver cancer in common language. This is a very serious liver disease that ends up by taking life.

While this has no cure one can at least stay cautious with the sign and treat it at the right time. This usually makes the person look like they are pregnant.

This also means that the abdomen is swollen in a very massive manner. A swollen abdomen also means ascites. Ascites is a condition where it fills the abdomen with fluids making it appear bigger than it really is.

This can be also caused because of many medical conditions. There are times when the ankle swells, this is because the fluid is drawn down to the body and makes the ankle swelling.

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This disease occurs in the most chronic case but is dangerous. This ascites can be treated with the help of diuretics and reduction of sodium in the diet.

In worst cases, the fluid is taken out of the abdomen by using a needle. And if nothing works, then there has to be a liver transplant surgery. This is the last option to get back to life.

2. Jaundice:

Is a type of fever or disease that turns the eyes and skin yellowish in colour. The discolouration of skin is dangerous. In this case, the urine colour turns darker and the stool gets lighter.

It can get so bad and severe that the patient might lose the functioning of the brain and is usually misdiagnosed. The yellow in skin and white of eyes is because of dissolved waste in the body.

Treating of jaundice which is related to the liver is nothing but successful diagnose of the disease by the doctor.

A liver that is damaged in serious conditions can never really get repaired. But medications will help jaundice to reduce and the liver starts to function better than the usual.

It is also important to note that curing of jaundice is no sign that the liver is healthy. A severely damaged liver needs a lot of time and medication to get back to normal. There has to be intense care and maintenance for better health.

3. Tenderness in Abdomen:

Have you ever experienced a pain in your stomach? This is usually caused on the right upper side of the abdomen or right lower position in the rib cage. These are the signs of your liver being damaged.

There might be persistent and throbbing pains in your stomach which do not let you concentrate. This can be temporarily sorted by the normal medication but your liver is still in danger. One needs to remember that improper medication will only make it worse for the liver.

Certain conditions of liver damage can be a constant pain in stomach, consumption of alcohol, usage of wrong medicines. These signs upset your stomach for the beginning but also cause liver diseases in long-term.

4. Nausea:

Nausea might be common sometimes when there is indigestion of food you might feel nausea and puke but a regular feeling of the same is not good for the liver.

The unexplained vomiting attack makes it worst for the liver and body. Regular nausea may also make you feel weak and vulnerable to diseases.

Vomiting can be because of indigestion but when the same occurs without any stomach or intestinal problem then this can be of a problem.

This changes the body process and metabolism. Usually, nausea is not considered a serious issue. But one has to make sure that they keep their health and liver in check.

5. Irritated skin or itchy skin:

Skin itchiness or irritation can be another problem to identify a liver dysfunction. When the skin develops flakes and rashes it can be a serious issue of a liver problem.

There are cases when the veins are seen from the skin too. The yellowing of the skin or jaundice as discussed earlier is also an issue for the liver. These may cause dark or patchy looking of the skin.

One needs to take care of their body. It is important to notice changes in the human body. We all know prevention is better than cure.

If at all you face any just dysfunction or symptoms consult the doctor immediately. Also, remember to give up on alcohol or tobacco as this will only add up to the existing health issues.

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