6 Harmful Side Effects Of Working Out Too Much & How Should You Correct That

Harmful effects of excess workout

Exercise and working out is an important part of everyone’s daily lives. Getting just the right amounted exercise can help you keep your body and mind fit and in optimal condition.

People go to the gym to work out for many reasons. Some work out to lose weight while others wish to achieve their ideal physique.

There are also people who work out in order to become stronger or even athlete and some soft-core people exercise to simply remain in shape.

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 While getting a decent amount of exercise is recommended to all, people may sometimes take it a step too far. Yes, over exercise is actually a real thing.

Too much work out is an actual thing and not only it is real but it is also very harmful to you. There are many disadvantages of hard exercise and can lead to injuries and wearing down of the muscles at an unprecedented rate.

At times, people get addicted to exercise and find themselves hooked on to it.

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This leads them to think and indulge themselves completely into exercise even when it is not called for and thus lead to many harmful side effects.

6 Harmful Side Effects of working out too hard

1. Decreased performance and low energy:

Exercise is a great way to build up energy and stamina. This allows you to improve your mental and physical performance both inside and outside the gym.

But too much workout can actually lead to the exact opposite. By overworking your body past its limit, your performance while doing exercise especially aerobic ones like swimming and running drops considerably. This is a major side effect of working out too much.

Similarly, if after exercising if you are not feeling the general high of energy and freshness then it may be a sign that you are overworking yourself too much. This causes you to feel tired and fatigued for the rest of the day can cause you to lose concentration in your day to day chores and tasks.

Even your exercise routines become more and more difficult and frustrating as you can visibly see the drop in performance as compared to what you had when you had first started out.

2. Poor mental health and sleeplessness:

Studies and researchers have found out that if a person is getting more than 7.5 hours of exercise a week, then he or she is exposed to the risk of having anxiety and depression. Poor mental health is often associated with too much workouts.

Over-exercise can cause your mental health to break down leading you to feel a sense of hopelessness and failure. The most notable way is that due to the harmful effect of hard gym workouts which cause decreased performance, people often get worried on seeing this downfall.

Leads them to think that they are not doing enough or that they are not capable of achieving their fitness goals. Such thinking causes people who are over working out to fall into depression in lowers their confidence levels. They try to push harder not realising that this extra effort beyond the capabilities is the cause for their degrading performance.

While moderate and the right amount of exercise can help you better your sleep, over exercise can lead to sleeplessness. Due to the overexertion during the gym session, the overworking can leave you tossing and turning in your bed and you can be unable to calm down and sleep. Nights become frustrating and restless and sleep becomes distributed and erratic.

3. Aches and pain in your body:

The fundamental aspect of exercise is to push your muscles to the point where microscopic tears are created in them. this is why when one starts to exercise right in the beginning it hurts and aches all over. When these minute tears heal, the muscles are stronger as compared to before. This is how exercise causes you to gain strength.

When you work out too much, you do not allow your muscles to heal and recover in time properly and completely. This causes you to experience prolonged soreness and muscle pain all over your body. This pain can greatly hamper your activities and in general makes, you feel defeated and sore and put you in a rather lousy mental state.

If you persist with the tenacious exercise regime despite the pains and muscle soreness, you may develop a problem in your muscular and skeletal system in the future and might need medical assistance to cope up for the loss in muscle and bone integrity.

4. Reddish or dark coloured urine:

A change in the colour in your urine despite adequate intake of water might suggest that your workout routine is pushing your body far beyond the recommended and safe level.

If your urine has a reddish or dark discolouration especially after a workout then you might have a condition called ‘rhabdomyolysis’. This is a condition where substances in your body like blood may leak into your bladder from the damaged and torn tissues of the muscles or organs.

This is why the colour of your urine can change. Often, this type of condition can lead to kidney problems and in some extreme cases, kidney failure.

5. Heart problems:

People who indulge in extreme workouts can have heart problems. Due to the high amounts of strain, the heart has to pump more blood to the organ to keep them oxygenated.

This causes the heart to wear down and make you liable to heart strokes or attacks.

6. Joint failures and pains:

Due to extreme training and exercise, the joints of your skeleton can suffer severe problems. The most common problem found is joint pain and the wearing down of joint bones which can cause permanent damage if not taken care of immediately.

It is important to know how much and for how long should one exercise. The best way to avoid over-exercising is by having a gym trainer and monitoring the amount of exercise done by you.

joint pain
joint pain

By consulting and following expert advice, you can create a gym routine that is specific to your body and need and can easily avoid the risk of over working out.

Also, by spreading your exercise routines evenly across the week, you can have a steady and health climb to fitness and health.

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