7 Best Probiotic Foods You Should Have For Weight Loss

Probiotic foods for weight loss

Weight loss can be challenging and requires a lot of motivation and hard work to be accomplished.

Other than exercising and working out one also needs to maintain their diet and make a planned schedule for the day to get their desired weight goals.

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It is best to consume probiotic food for weight loss. Probiotic food is not only good for weight loss but also healthy.

It helps in fighting stomach problems and vaginal infections in women.

Important to maintain the gut health to keep the body healthy and going for a longer period of time.

What is probiotic?

Probiotics are nothing but the good bacteria required for the body to function smoothly.

Taking of antibiotics is not good for health and they make you lose out on good bacteria but the probiotic food helps you to regain the lost good bacteria from the system.

The probiotics food helps in regeneration of good bacteria in the body that might have been lost because of antibiotics or any other reason.

Not only this, probiotics also balances out the good and the bad bacteria in the body and enables the body to work the way it should.

There are researches still going on to know how the probiotics really work.

Probiotic are of many different types but the major classification of probiotics can be done in two different types. They are;

  1. Lactobacillus: this is the most commonly found probiotic in all the fermented food for example yogurt. This bacterium helps with diarrhea and with the indigestion of lactose in the body.
  2.  Bifidobacterium: this is amongst the rarely found bacterium. It is found in some of the dairy foods. This type of bacteria eases the symptoms of bowel syndrome.

It is not very difficult to find the probiotic food. They are easily available in your kitchen.

What are some of the easily found probiotic food at home?

Here is the list of seven best probiotic food items that are found in your kitchen. Go through the list and you can thank us later!

1. Cold Potatoes:

Now, we know you might be wondering as to how potatoes can add up to the weight reduction list.

But cooling cooked potatoes for a few minutes before consumption is really good to improve the gut bacteria.

This is because cooked and cooled potatoes contain starch which is a form of probiotic and good for the gut.

Remember, excessive consumption of potatoes which is fried and roasted is not good for weight reduction.

2. Yogurt:

Yogurt is made of fermented milk. It is nothing but bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria that converts the milk into yogurt. Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics and is always recommended for consumption.

Now only health benefits but it also has skin benefits too. Yogurt is the best option for the people who are allergic to milk and are lactose intolerant.

The best thing to do is consume a glass of buttermilk which is good, delicious and probiotic.

3. Unripe Banana:

Unripe bananas
Unripe bananas


We all prefer to consume fruits that are ripening because they tend to be softer, juicier and more delicious.

Especially in the case of banana there are a lot of us who prefer to consume the yellow ripened bananas rather than the green ones.

But studies have found out that the green bananas contain a lot of natural probiotic qualities that help in improving the production of healthy bacteria in intestines and vagina in women.



4. Garlic:

This is found in almost every Indian household. It is one of the natural ingredients that are used in a majority of food items in our country.

Contains natural probiotic components that are good for improving the healthy bacteria in the body.

Other than this, garlic can also be used to treat common cough and cold, reduces infections, pains and so on. It can be consumed both raw or cooked and is good for health and improving gut bacteria.

5. Dark Chocolate:

Majority of us love chocolates but dark chocolates are a storehouse for health.

Dark chocolate helps in improving the probiotics and other than that it also helps in weight loss, treating depression and anxiety.

The natural components contained in dark chocolate are very good for gut health. It helps the lining of the stomach and boosts up the production of healthy bacteria.

6. Sauerkraut:

Sauerkraut, this is a type of dish that is prepared by finely chopped cabbage and fermenting it. The ingredients are fermented in the same way pickles are fermented.

During the process of fermentation, sauerkraut produces healthy lactic acid.

So, when this is consumed, the lactic acid in sauerkraut produces the healthy gut bacteria. Sauerkraut is an excellent and the best natural component for probiotics.

7. Raw Cheese:

cheese blocks
cheese blocks

Who doesn’t love cheese? Just imagine yourself enjoying a nice slice of cheesy pizza or a bowl full of cheese pasta. Raw cheese is another good component for the probiotics.

However, remember, raw cheese that is freshly made and is not processed will help the body to generate the gut bacteria and probiotics.

Processed cheese is only going to add up on to the existing weight. Raw cheese is extremely good and can boost up the production of healthy intestinal bacteria.

Other benefits of probiotics

Some other benefits of probiotics are;

  • The most important benefit of probiotics is that it helps to improve the gut bacteria’s that helps in good digestion and keeps you fit.
  • It treats diarrhea and other stomach and digestive issues. It also helps in healing constipation.
  • Help to shed the excess fat and keeps the body fit.
  • They are good for mental health.
  • It can keep your heart healthy and lowers the cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • It is important to stick to a healthy diet to keep fit. Other than that, the probiotic bacteria help the human body to function smoothly without any problems. 

Food that is rich in probiotics is easily found in our kitchens. Remember, it is important to keep your gut healthy because infections, problems and diseases can start from your gut.

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