5 Signs That You Might Have PCOS Induced Weight Gain

Signs that you might have PCOS induced weight gain

Are you drained out of energy and get exhausted easily?Have you been experiencing headaches quite often?

Are you skipping your periods and not getting on time?

If you encounter these instances in your daily life regularly, chances are very high that you could be suffering from PCOS.

PCOS promotes weight gain as your body becomes insulin resistant and overproduction of insulin leads to the production of more fat. Your body starts storing this fat in the area around thhe abdomen and the belly.

To avoid weight gain induced by PCOS, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle along with the necessary medication recommended by your doctor.

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How To Lose Weight with PCOS Naturally

If you are amongst the crowd who are affected by PCOS, here are a few steps that could help you lose weight naturally.

1. Eating in moderation

It is a very simple and effective way to lose weight with PCOS. The number of meals you consume in a day and the number of calories you ingest determines the whole process of losing PCOS weight naturally. You should stick to a diet consisting of proteins and fibers.

Consumption of high proteins and fibers will let you feel full throughout the day instead of a large five-course meal three times a day.

2. Restrict your starch intake

Since insulin resistance is observed in many PCOS cases, it is advisable to lower the carbohydrate intake. You can include carbohydrates that are obtained from whole wheat grains.

Eating wholesome grains will also give you the added advantage of good nourishment and satiety to your devouring appetite.

3. Stash away the processed beverages

When you are living through PCOS, weight loss becomes very difficult as your body is not able to utilise the sugars in the bloodstream.

So you need to be careful of what you gulp down the throat.

Bottled beverages and energy drinks only appear to rev up your energy levels temporarily.

The truth is it is actually slowing down your metabolism with a sudden spike in sugars that can be increasingly harmful if you are an insulin resistant PCOS individual.

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Sodas and cola drinks do no good to your body; it adversely impacts the rate at which foods are absorbed and assimilated.

Instead reach for a glass of water every time you are thirsty and feel dehydrated. Alternatively, you can always have a detox drink supplemented with natural herbs.

4. Control your calorie intake

By limiting your calorie consumption, you can achieve the desired results of weight loss in a short span of time. Your calorie intake should not be more than 1500 calories in a day. It means you should maintain strict discipline and adhere to a well, balanced healthy food diet.

Monitoring your servings with a subtle reminder of less calorie intake at every meal could help you lose weight with PCOS faster.

5 Reasons Not to Count Calories

5. Keep healthy nibble options

If you are attempting to lose weight with PCOS, you should devise a healthy snacking in between those heavy meals that could leave you charged up throughout the day.

Staying away from junk food like burgers and pasta could be immensely rewarding in the long run, as it will help you overcome the hurdle of weight loss sooner, in no time.

Healthy snacks not only helps you stay hale and hearty but also keeps you energized to reach for those extra push-ups and cardio workout that you always wish to hit for in the gym.

Choose your snacking options wisely and meticulously will act as the bridging gap to reach your PCOS weight loss goal faster.

healthy snacking

Incorporate physical Activity

Adding physical activity to your daily schedule can help you lose weight with PCOS naturally. The rigid fat that becomes difficult to shed from your body is one of the manifestations of PCOS.  

If you include physical activities like jogging, cycling, swimming can help you lose PCOS weight gain.

Even cardiovascular exercises like running on a treadmill and working out on a stationary bike could prove immensely beneficial to lose weight with PCOS naturally.

Aerobic exercises like flutter kicks, squats and bridges can burn those firm and resolute flab muscles from your body.

Causes of PCOS:

Common causes for PCOS are hormonal imbalance caused by secretion of androgenic male hormones. These abnormal changes result in many characteristic traits such as excessive body hair, weight gain and appearance of acne or pimples.

Several women fall prey to the clutches of the dreaded PCOS at some point in their lives.

PCOS is the most typical form of endocrine disorder that hits women in their teens or childbearing ages. Women afflicted by this disorder are inclined to go through sequelae of abnormal hormonal disturbances in the body.

One of the most common endocrinopathies taking place in women is Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS.

Women with PCOS experience weight gain and excessive hair growth on body and face. This is caused by disruption of the ovulation cycle brought about by the high amounts of Luteinising Hormone or the LH.

PCOS causes weight gain.

PCOS has multiple negative effects on the body, one of which is continuous weight gain. This becomes frustrating as it happens in a linear fashion and sometimes it becomes impossible to lose weight gain induced by PCOS.

Understanding this unstoppable cycle is not that difficult. In typical PCOS condition, your ovaries produce testosterone in unusually large amounts and excess testosterone results in more insulin resistance.

Triggers storage of more fat in the abdomen region. Hence PCOS causes weight gain and when there is a weight gain, your resistance to insulin also increases and ends up in excess testosterone production and so on.

PCOS affects one in 10 women of Child Bearing Age. It not only hampers fertility but can cause serious complications.

More than 50% of women with PCOS could have pre-diabetes before the age of 40. The risk of heart attack is four to seven times higher in women with PCOS.

So what’s the relationship between PCOS and Weight Loss?

Also, your fat burning rate of the body gets slowed down. Women with PCOS have to work harder in order to lose a small amount of fat. This is one of the chief reasons for PCOS weight gain.

Women with PCOS

Women with PCOS suffer from various complications and it affects their health, appearance, morale and self-confidence. 

As PCOS is majorly caused by an imbalance in hormones, women tackling with PCOS are prone to various pesky issues like irritability, mood swings, inflammation, anxiety etc. Infertility is one of the major implications.

Ignorance of PCOS may lead to diabetes, depression, eating irregularities, anxiety etc.

Women with PCOS have a very high chance of running into health hazards like increased blood pressure, sugar levels peaking high, Fatty liver or steatohepatitis etc.

PCOS can have disastrous results like increased cholesterol that induces a high risk of cardiovascular ailment.

Women with PCOS, who are about to become a mother, can go into real distress as many cases of PCOS could result in miscarriage and premature birth.

PCOS weight loss diet

By now, we are aware that PCOS has a bad impact on your weight. But nothing to worry as it is not an untreatable disorder. By making simple reforms in your life, you can manage this disease.

  • A balanced PCOS weight loss diet can help you control the PCOS weight gain. Many studies have been completed and many are still going on for the ideal diet to control PCOS.
  • Most of the studies suggest that adding a little spice like cinnamon to your food may result in balanced sugar level and hence controlling the PCOS weight gain.
  • PCOS weight loss diet must contain foods which are low in the glycemic index as these foods will not increase your blood sugar level and help you to fight the weight gain.
  • Adding low glycemic foods to your eating habits will stop after food cravings or those hunger pangs when you go on a diet.
  • A diet with foods that have anti-inflammatory properties is considered as must-haves in PCOS weight loss diet.
  • These foods can be omega-3 fats like tuna and salmon, leafy vegetables, walnuts, seeds of chia, hemp and flax are great sources of PCOS weight loss diet. These foods can help in reducing the inflammation triggered by an excess level of insulin.
  • Hence your key to fighting PCOS weight loss is acquiring proper knowledge about the disorder and a balanced PCOS weight loss diet towards it.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle can act as those dotted lines while you embark on the colossal journey of losing weight induced by PCOS.

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