7 healthy eating habits that health-conscious people follow!


We all have that one friend who eats a lot and doesn’t gain weight. On the other hand, there are a few of us who keep gaining weight even after eating moderately.

Well, many factors contribute to a slim physique – a healthy metabolism, physical exercises, regular body detoxifications, frequent intermittent fasting, etc. But to constantly stay slim and fit, only one thing will work – developing healthy eating habits.

Unlike those fad diets, healthy eating habits work in the long run. These habits should be made a part of your everyday life. A regular pattern should be followed and a time table must be set for it to work best.

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Staying fit and healthy is everyone’s dream. We all want that perfect body and would love to flaunt it. Here we bring you the seven healthy eating habits that will help you to lose weight and maintain your figure. [1]

1. Pack lunch or carry home food whenever you step out:

Eating outside meals is much simpler and easier. It entices your taste bud and saves you from cooking. Everyone would have, at some point, ditched their home-cooked meal in the last moment to go out for lunch with friends and colleagues.

This sounds fancy but if you really hope to lose weight, you should stop this practice immediately. Healthy eating comprises of healthy foods. One should know what they are eating and with restaurant foods, it is impossible to know.

Therefore, it is best to carry your own food to work, college, school or university to ensure a well-balanced diet.

2. Do not overeat or bloat your stomach with food:

It is a good habit to eat less than your stomach actually can take. Eating too much and bloating your body is not good for weight reduction.

Do not overeat
Do not overeat

To prevent overeating, you can consume a glass of water half an hour before consuming food.

When lunch is served in big portions, give up on a few food items and stick with less food intake. Remember not to overeat and bloat up later.

3. Check with stomach signals during meal times:

There are times when we are not really hungry but we eat just because it is a meal or lunchtime.

Rather than doing this, you can try to skip lunch if you are not really hungry and combine this with a snack.

This will help you reduce calorie intake and hence gives you some scope for desserts after dinner.

Well, cheats are allowed, and you can have some cheat days and some cheat meals.

After all, food is too good to be given up on!

4. Do not stuff your stomach with food:

Stuffing up with food is not good. It’s a major no-no for your body and especially when you are trying to reduce your weight. It is definitely not good to stuff up on every meal.

But there are times when we have our favorite food on the table and we tend to overeat.

This is okay if it’s only once in a while. But do not make it a habit. Overeating will only lead to weight gain.

5. Do not skip meals:

Skipping meals is of no good. Consume at least something when you are hungry.

There are times when we tend to feel hungry before lunch. Remember that whenever you feel hungry; eat something that is healthy and good for the body.

For example, eat an apple when you are hungry or indulge in dry fruits rather than chips and soda. Apple and dried fruits are loaded with fiber and other micro-nutrients. On the other hand, sodas and chips are merely empty calories with zero nutritional value.

Research has also suggested that snacking on healthy foods in between meals will promote weight loss.  [2]

6. Do not skip breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is not recommended. As the name suggests, we technically break our fast after 7-8 hours when we wake up in the morning.

Do not skip breakfast
Do not skip breakfast

No matter how late you are for the class, work or university, find time to eat breakfast.

Pack a toast and tea if at all you cannot sit and eat. But never skip. Skipping breakfast will bloat you and make you fat. [3]

7. Exercise regularly

Eating unrestrained and lack of physical activity will not help your body. When you eat calories you must also burn them and calories can be burned efficiently only by working out.

To lose weight, one must overcome laziness. A healthy eating pattern must be followed along with exercises to achieve weight loss.

Decide on your preferred work out activity – you can go for a run or walk, hit the gym or simply follow a cardio exercise routine at home. This will help you get rid of the chubbiness you are carrying.

Other than the aforementioned points, you can reduce the amount of oil and butter you add in your food.

Always remember, your old clothes say the best about your weight reduction and it is an amazing feeling to fit back into a dress that was too tight a year ago.

Fill your diet with vegetables, greens, and food that would help you reduce that excessive weight.

A little here and there in your daily diet and continuous exercising can actually solve all your weight issues. [4]


Weight reduction many sounds difficult but with healthy eating habits and proper exercises it is achievable.   

Remember, having a negative relationship with food is not good for your health. This will only make you vulnerable to diseases and other health problems.

Healthy eating habits not just benefit you internally; it will also benefit your outer skin.

Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish. It is great for the skin. Foods rich in vitamin E such as nuts and seeds are also great for the skin. Since these foods are a good source of antioxidants, these protect the skin from free radical damage.

The key to weight loss, healthy appearance, and a well-nourished body is healthy eating habits. To develop incorporate healthy eating habits, educate yourself about nutritious foods and how each food group interacts with your body. Awareness is the first step to bring forth success.

Eat healthily, stay healthy!

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