7 Reasons Why You Should Take To Running and Jogging For Fitness

running for weight loss

Running or jogging is often recommended for people looking to add fitness routine in their weight loss regime.

They work because you can do this at any time. With this, you do not really need major investments for getting fit and healthy. Both running and jogging are a great way to add a fitness routine to your daily life.

For many, when life’s stress and work gets too much, it might be difficult to hit the gym or lay out the yoga mat to find calm.

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This is the time when you can just wear your running shoes, head out and start with a little trot or jog that can become a full-fledged running routine as your stamina builds up.

Should you run or jog

Both running and jogging are good for your health. You can take it up at any time. If you are the beginner, then start jogging and build up to running. The difference between the two is the intensity.

While both are forms of aerobic exercise, running as you are aware is faster, and demands more from your body. Jogging is slower and is good for warming up and calming down after a rigorous running session.

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Also, you need a higher level of fitness if you plan to run as compared to jogging. Both the activities require effort from the heart, lungs and muscles. They help produce energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat. Both help in burning body fat.

The reasons why…

jogging for weight loss1] Great for your lungs:

Both increase your lung capacity. This, in turn, helps you breathe better and helps in oxygenation of the blood.

2] Helps burn extra fat:

Running and jogging are the aerobic exercise that helps in burning body fat and turns that into energy.

3] Strengthens your muscles and joints:

It gives your legs and arm muscles a complete workout which helps in building muscle mass. It also makes you look more toned. They increase the strength of your ligaments and tendons. Your joints and ligaments are able to heal faster in case of an injury.

4] Boosts your immune system:

Running or jogging helps in building your body’s tolerance against germs. Doing this regularly prevents small ailments.

5] Controls blood sugar:

It helps in expanding and contracting your arteries at a steady rate, which keep them fit. This, in turn, helps in regulating your blood pressure keeping it in the normal range.

6] Improves mental health:

It gives that runner’s high which releases your happy hormones. So it improves your mental health. Running is good during the times of stress as it also helps you focus your negative energy into something positive and bring back mental calm.

7] Increases bone density:

Running stresses your bones. Your body is able to process the essential minerals better. They are sent to the bones when they are being worked, which makes them stronger.

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