8 Reasons That Make Jowar (Sorghum) a Great Health Food

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Jowar or Sorghum is a cereal grain that offers many health benefits. It is gluten-free and has antioxidant benefits. It’s high fiber improves digestion and cardiovascular health.

Make jowar a part of your daily diet to eat more protein and help in weight loss.

High in fiberGluten freeSource of antioxidantsRegulates blood sugar levelSource of magnesium | Rich in copper and iron |  High in proteins | Source of vitamins 

Jowar, commonly known as Sorghum, is an ancient cereal grain which is one of the most important cereals in the world. Yet, this native to Africa crop has made a welcome comeback around the world in the recent years.

The amazing benefits of this ‘sweet’ grain have made its way not only in the health food stores and supermarkets but also into the platters of many health conscious people.

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Moreover, along with making great addition to our recipes, jowar receives the spotlight for being immensely good for our health.

1] High in fiber

First thing that works in favour of jowar is the dietary fiber which is more in this grain as compared to its alternatives.

Unlike some other grains, jowar has an edible hull which is also consumed, giving us even more fiber, making it one of the best foods for dietary fiber.

Being super rich in fiber, jowar improves your digestive health, thereby preventing stomach aches, constipation, bloating, cramping.

Moreover, jowar’s high fiber content helps in scraping off LDL from your arteries and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

And if you are looking for weight loss menu, this fiber rich jowar can be a great add on for keeping you fuller for a long time.

2] Gluten free

What could be healthier than gluten free foods like jowar which can be a great substitute for wheat flour. Gluten causes inflammatory reactions in people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Consumption of gluten can cause digestive problems, joint pain and intestinal damage. So, Jowar can be a perfect gluten-free diet for those with gluten intolerance.

3] Good source of antioxidants

Jowar can be consumed for getting essential antioxidants which reduce the chance of developing various types of cancer, including esophageal cancer.

Studies show that extracts of black, red, and white sorghum had strong anti proliferative activity against human colon cancer cells.

4] Regulates blood sugar level

If you want to regulate your blood sugar level and protect yourself from diabetes, then Jowar is your wonder grain as it regulates your blood sugar level.

Jowar consists of Tannin which prevents the production of starch absorbing enzymes. It also helps in regulating insulin and balancing blood sugar level.

5] Good source of magnesium

Jowar contains high quantities of magnesium which helps in aiding calcium absorption in the body.

Both magnesium and calcium are important for the bone tissues and helps in healing of damaged and aging bones.

jowar or sorghum6] Rich in copper and iron

This nutritionally packed grain is also rich in copper and iron.

A sufficient amount of copper and iron in your body leads to increasing the red blood cell development, improving blood circulation, triggering cellular growth and repair, and increasing the energy levels in the body. Also, iron present in Jowar can help in relieving symptoms associated with anemia.

7] High in proteins

Jowar is also a great source of proteins with 11 gms of proteins in a serving of 100 gms. Be it for weight loss, cell regeneration or boosting energy levels, Jowar consumption can definitely make it happen.

8] Good source of vitamins

You can also fulfill requirements of various vitamins by consuming Jowar on a regular basis.

The Vitamin A present in Jowar helps in maintaining your eyes health, while Vitamin C helps in boosting your immunity.

With all these health benefits, Jowar should definitely be a part for your menus for it is not only healthy but also a part of many delicious recipes.


1] How can I add jowar in my daily diet?

You can mix jowar or sorghum flour to your regular flour to make healthy rotis or parathas. You can also make jowar pops or puff for healthy snacking. Add jowar flour to your regular dosa batter to make healthy dosas as well.

2] Is Jowar or Sorghum roti good for weight loss?

Definitely. It is an excellent gluten-free, high protein alternative to regular flour. Since it’s rich in fibre, it improves your digestion, reduces tummy bloat, and keeps you full longer, so that you eat less in subsequent meal, thereby controlling weight gain.

3] Does eating jowar help in controlling diabetes

Yes, since it is rich in protein and fibre, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and controls blood sugar levels. It provides energy and the soluble fibre helps in sugar control.

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