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8 Reasons That Make Jowar (Sorghum) a Great Health Food

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Jowar or Sorghum is a cereal grain that offers many health benefits. It is gluten-free and has antioxidant benefits. It’s high fiber improves digestion and cardiovascular health. Make jowar a part of your daily diet to eat more protein and help in weight loss. High in fiber | Gluten free | Source of antioxidants | Regulates blood sugar […]

Health Benefits of Jowar – Fortify your Well Being! | Possible

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Medically reviewed by  Ashwathy V. Pillai,  Postgraduate Degree in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition In the initial years, this millet was used as animal feeds. However, soon the exceptional health benefits of jowar came to light post which it featured in the human plate too. Jowar or sorghum is rated among the top five healthy grains in the […]

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