9 Pointers To Save You from Flaunting That Beer Belly

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Beer belly is a major health issue among men, who are prone to picking up a pitcher of beer any time or any occasion. It is caused by binge beer drinking and eating unhealthily.

A regular bottle of beer has over 150 calories, which causes a serious calorie overload. Beer belly can lead to health hazards like aches and pain, weakened heart, high BP, and diabetes.

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Battling beer belly is a tough task. This unwanted bulge around your middle section is courtesy bingeing on beer anytime the mood hits you accompanied by fried snack or salted nuts.

Did you know that a regular bottle of beer has over 150 empty calories.

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So if you are prone to chugging down more than one bottle in a sitting, then we are talking about serious calorie overload here.

So why should you be worried about a growing midriff? Research shows that putting on weight around waist is more harmful for your heart than putting weight anywhere else in your body. It can lead to not just back pain, but also cardiovascular disease,Type II diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Now let us see how we can ditch that stubborn beer belly fat. Losing beer belly is not a Herculean task. You can lose even the most stubborn beer belly fat without diet drinks or fake fat burning pills. All we need is some really clever exercise moves, and amazing tasty and healthy meals for us to stay on track.

5 major causes of beer belly


Genetics play a huge role. Genetics determine where our body likes to deposit fat storage or not. Some people can eat anything and get away with it not even gaining a pound while others add a love handle just looking at a donut.


Gender also makes a difference. Men and women tend to pack on their pounds differently. For men, putting on fat in the belly area is easier, which explains why the classic beer-belly look usually happens to men.


Age makes everything worse. Your metabolism slows down as you age, so you are more prone to putting on weight in general.

 Dietary habits

The biggest dietary cause is sugar. Although the term beer belly refers to the belief that drinking too many pints will give you a giant belly, food obviously makes the biggest difference, since even heavier drinkers tend to get the majority of their calories from food.


Lifestyle overall can contribute to how fat is stored, which means if you’re sitting on the couch, eating processed foods, drinking beer, and watching TV all day long, well, you can probably count on developing a beer belly.

9 Hacks to avoid getting beer belly

Hack #1 Drink One Glass of Water per Beer

 As they rightly say, anything in excess is bad, controlling our food and drinks intake is very important. For every beer that you drink, take a break and have a glass of water.

This will help control the volume of beer that you drink and it will also keep you better hydrated. Staying hydrated is a key element to staying lean so you help this factor out as well.

Hack #2 Increase Protein and Reduce Carbohydrates

Beer has a lot of sugar which it derives from the alcohol and carbohydrates. Both of these are sure to put fat loss at a halt.

By increasing your protein intake to at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and decreasing your carbohydrate intake to 1 gram of carbs per pound of body weight, you will help accelerate some fat loss.

By reducing your carbs, you will help burn fat as fuel and reduce the amount of water you may be holding from all of the beer consumption. Increasing your protein intake will have a more thermic effect on your metabolism.

It will reduce hunger pangs and improve your ability to build muscle, which aids in fat loss.

Hack #3 Only Drink Beer Once a Week

Picking just one day a week to enjoy beer is highly recommended. This helps you mentally by having something to look forward to and reduces the urge to cheat more often.

Hack #4 Walk, Walk and Walk

Go for a 45 minute brisk walk in the morning or evening. Start with a 30 minute walk and extend it to 45 minute or one hour. Do this at least for 10 days without fail.

Hack #5 Hit the Gym More Often and Try Different Exercises

Sneaking in some extra movement in each day can add up to a lot of caloric burn and increased metabolism over time. Try new exercises that can burn calories really fast for increased metabolism. Weight lifting should be a regular practice to burn fat faster. Crunches are great ways to lose that paunch try them to get rid of your stubborn belly fat.

Hack #6 Take Up a De-stressing Activity

Stress and depression can lead to a lot of unwanted emotional eating so destress. Learn something new like driving or swimming or indulge yourself in some of your favorite activities like reading and meditating.

 Hack #7 Ditch the Beer for 2 Weeks

If you commit to taking 2-weeks off from drinking any beer or alcohol, your body will make some dramatic improves in a short amount of time.

You will help increase fat mobilization, insulin sensitivity, testosterone, growth hormone and many other metabolic factors. In a sense you will be pushing the “reset” button for your body and metabolism and your will prime your body to go to the next level.

Hack #8 Stay Away from Temptation

Every time you almost give up and reach for a chocolate bar reminds yourself what you really want. The focus should be on long term gains and getting a body that we crave for but besides all these maintaining a healthy lifestyle is most important.

Hack #9 Ban the Silent Killer Foods

 Ban the following completely for the next 10 days for better results: Red meat, sweets, canned foods, junk food and cold aerated drinks.

There is surely no magic wand to ward off that beer belly fat but yes, these tried-tested-and-genuine methods of cutting calories and getting more physical activity will surely put you on a path of a healthier and fitter you! So, run to have more fun!


1] Does beer give you big belly?

Yes, drinking excessive beer can cause you to have a big waistline. Beer is high in carbs and alcohol, which trigger you to eat more. It also prevents effective burning of body fat fat, leading to belly fat. 

2] How can you get rid of beer belly?

You have to cut down on binge drinking beer. Also avoid eating fatty snacks with it. Drink enough water before and during your drinking session. Eat some proteins and exercise on a regular basis. You can cut down on other forms of sugar as well. 

3] Is it really harmful to have beer belly?

Yes, research shows that if you have a big waistline, it puts pressure on your heart. It raises your blood pressure and leads to fat getting deposited in your other vital organs which is harmful for you. 

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