All About Yo-Yo Weight Gain & Loss | What You Should Do To Prevent This?


Have you ever heart about the yo-yo diet? This diet plan is also known as weight cycling.

There are many who have tried this diet and have given their reviews on the same.

But this diet is considered as a huge mess up for a lot of reasons.

Initially this diet will help you reduce your weight but you will eventually gain more weight and hence this will only add up to the existing weight loss problems.

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The constant cycling of weight up and down is too bad. Keep reading to know more.

What is yo-yo dieting?

Have you ever played with a yo-yo?

Just like yo-yo moves up and down the dieting also includes repetitive losing and gaining of weight. It normally starts with weight loss.

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The dieter gives up on all the calories and reduces their weight.

After reducing, the body gets fatigued and the dieter starts to consume a lot of calories and gain weight. And the weight cycle continues with up and down.

Yo-yo diet is not really recommended by many nutritionists. This diet tends to mess up the entire body process and hence makes it weak.

Studies have shown that a drastic cut down on calories intake eventually leads to the shutdown of the body function.

Experts also say that losing weight quickly can be okay but you must also follow the right process for doing it.

Yo-yo dieting allows you to lose weight but one may have a drastic change in the body that would lead to bodily shutdown after a period of time.

Facts about yo-yo dieting:

Here are some unknown facts about yo-yo dieting;

1] Yo-yo diet reduces your metabolism. The diet slower the metabolism that is because there is no calories intake.

When the human body drops on calories, it also shuts down on metabolism.

Slowing on metabolism makes you feel weak and fatigue at all the times.

But once you start with normal consumption in calories the body starts to gain the energy and metabolism.

2] Drooping down on muscles, yo-yo diet does reduce your weight and it also reduces your already well-built muscles.

The rapid reduction in body mass also leads to drooping of muscles too. While getting back on a regular diet will lead to weight gain and this also means that the muscles already built will go in vain.

3] You are very much prone to heart, liver, blood pressure, diabetic problems because of a yo-yo diet. Sudden fluctuation in diet and weight leads to a lot of bodily problems.

There is an increased rate of heart diseases, may cause liver cancer and blood pressure problems if it gets worst.

4] Leads to psychological problems, a sudden reduction in food may cause irritation and body weakness. Working people cannot really sustain the yo-yo diet.

Since food is important for the human body to work, it is also necessary to keep mental and physical health intact.

The first thing we tend to do when sad, broken, stressed and tired is to overeat.  

About weight loss under yo-yo dieting:

Quick weight reduction is good but as long as it is safe. Going on a crash weight loss is not good.

Normally, the human body can lose up to 3-4 pounds that is almost 1.3 to 1.4 kg’s per week.

But working out but burs 500 calories per day, eating or reducing on food intake is not good for the weight loss.

A minimum of 1,200 to 1,400 calories intake is required for human body.

This helps you to do your regular activities. A lower intake would make you lose on fat and also slow down the metabolism.

Instead of cutting down on calories, one can cut down on starchy food, added sugar, processed food, animal fat, meats and other fattening food.

weight loss under yo-yo dieting
weight loss under yo-yo dieting

You can also stick with veggies, soy products, egg whites, non-fat dairy products and so on.

Remember to drink water as this could help you shutdown unwanted cravings. Other than all of this, you can also exercise and stay fit.

Include the minimum amount of calories required for the body to function and burn them down while exercising and working out.

This is a better option for weight reduction than the yo-yo diet. If at all you are planning to test yourself on this diet then make sure that you read the facts we have listed above.

About weight gain under yo-yo dieting:

Repetitive weight loss and weight gain is not good for your body. But yo-yo diet calls for the regular fluctuation in weight.

Once you have reduced your weight, it is important to maintain the reduced weight and keep healthy. But the pattern of yo-yo diet calls for an increase in weight.

The increase in weight somehow goes to an extent leaving you to put on a lot more kg’s than required.

It is important to have the correct metabolism for your body to perform regular activities.

Human body burns energy as fuel and this is passed around the body providing strength in doing work and daily activities.

weight gain under yo-yo dieting
weight gain under yo-yo dieting

The weight cycle keeping rotating when you try doing the yo-yo diet plan. The amount of fat tissue you lose must be gained and some of us end up gaining more than required fat tissues.

Those who tend to work out and exercise during the reduction in weight cycle may gain some muscles. This may help you in toning up the body.

It is always advisable to stick to a weight reduction plan that is good for your body and helps you maintain the body weight.


All that we suggest from this article is, say no-no to yo-yo. Tremendous reduction and weight gaining is not good for your body.

This will only destroy your body internally and makes you vulnerable to diseases.

If you really what to reduce a few kilos what you can really do is maintain a proper diet, give up on sugary food, fats, trans-fat and also workout regularly.

Include healthy eating in your diet plan and any bodily exercise that would make you move from your existing place.

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