The Serious Effects Of Yo-yo Dieting; Why Should You Avoid This ?

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It is good to diet and keep healthy. There are a lot of us who try our best to stay fit and keep healthy.

We try every method and way to lose weight and tone up our body.

For that matter we also try different types of diets and new mentions that we find on the internet.

Most of us do not know the side effects of such diets.

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In today’s article, we will discuss what is Yo-yo diet, side effects, benefits and so on.

What is the Yo-yo diet?

Yo-yo diet is also recognized as weight cycling. This term was created at Yale University by Kelly D. Brownell.

This is nothing but a weight cycle where the person dieting successfully loses the weight but is eventually unsuccessful in maintaining the weight loss in long run and gains the weight back.

Later, the person dieting again tries to lose the gained weight and then this cycle begins.

Just like a yo-yo the weight loss resembles up and down motion too.

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Yo-yo dieting requires a severe cut down on calories and a lot of change in the daily diet.

Initially you might like doing the yo-yo diet because of the weight reduction but over a period of time, this diet gets out of hands.

One might also feel tired and fatigue everything.

This might also happen because of drastic cut down on calories. It gets impossible for the dieter to sustain on the low diet.

And eventually, the dieter would flip back to the original calories consumption and hence gaining back the weight.

Side effects of yo-yo diet

There are a lot of side effects of a yo-yo diet. We have listed a few major side effects of this diet here;

1. Leads in weight gaining:

Being a low calories diet, yo-yo diet flip back leads to weight gaining.

The human body goes into the survival mode, which means that the body uses the stored fat for daily routine activities.

Leads in weight gaining
Leads in weight gaining

Eventually the diet leads to fatigue and weakness and the person following this diet would flip back to eating more than the usual and hence gaining weight.

The extreme swinging patterns of staying hungry and eating food makes the human to consume more.

This diet is a downfall for people who are trying to stick with a low calories diet.

2. Can lead to gut dysfunction:

A sudden transformation from having full calorie meals to consumption of low calories is a major turn down for the body. Yo-yo diet tends to throw off the healthy gut bacteria.

The human body consists of bacteria in the gut. These help in processing the food and helps in digestion.

The healthy bacteria present in human stomach help in processing the food throughout the human body.

Once this process stops, there can be a dysfunction in human gut making it difficult to process to existing food.

3. Leads to psychological frustrations:

Giving up on food leads to mental and psychological frustration.

It gets difficult to work or do any other daily chores.

Yo-yo diet tends to fuel you out of energy in the body making you feel weak all the time.

Having psychological dis-balance and frustration cans also lead to many mental problems.

It also puts you in great risk of having physical dis-balance too.

It is important to keep psychological health intact to live a healthy and beautiful life.

Reasons why you need to stop the yo-yo diet:

1. Increase and decrease in appetite:

There is a constant weight cycling in this diet. The consumption in calories keeps increasing and decreasing timely and makes it difficult for the body.

The constant fluctuation in the diet leads to gaining of weight over time. Human body releases leptin is the bloodstream that provides the fats and energy in the body.

Leptin tells the body that the energy storage is available and passes the signal of eating less.

Reduction in fat leads to a reduction of leptin and hence increases the appetite. This in turn leads to weight gain over a period of time.

2. Can lead to muscle loss:

To those of you, who are trying to build up that body, give up on yo-yo diet as this would lead to muscle loss.

This is because yo-yo diet is a weight loss programme it helps in losing body fat but it also makes you lose upon the muscles that you have built over time.

Can lead to muscle loss
Can lead to muscle loss

And we all know it is easy to gain fat rather than gain muscles only leading to more loss in muscles.

Yo-yo diet can deplete your entire body and make it difficult to get back those muscles.

3. Weight gaining can lead to the fatty liver:

If you do not know about fatty liver, it is when the liver stores excessive cells in the liver. This can lead to many health problems and also liver cancer in worst cases.

Gaining weight is not good for the human body and especially when there is an excessive gain in weight. Obesity is a huge risk and can only destroy your health.

The liver is an important organ in the human body and it is important to keep your liver healthy.

4. It tends to deplete your body:

Yo-yo diet might change the entire processing of the human body and depleting it further.

There are a lot of us who are weak in physical health and this would only add up to the existing problem.

It increases the risk of liver cancer, heart diseases, diabetics, high or low blood pressure levels, cause frustration, stress and irritation in the human body.

Since we all are growing older day by day it is important to keep our health better and also look after the future.

Yo-yo diet may make you feel out of control of everything you do. It causes weakness and is not good in the long run


To conclude, the long-term consequences of the yo-yo diet are worst. It will only lead to body problems and organ failures over a period of time.

Hence it is important to look after any new diet or plan you start doing for weight loss. It is important to know that we cannot let anything mess with our life and body.

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