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Hyper Acidity vs. IBS | The Difference Between them!

Ibs & Acidity

Having an upset stomach several times a week might be IBS or Hyper Acidity/ Acid reflux. What is the difference between these conditions? You must have experienced abdominal aches, bloating, and sour taste in your throat sometime in your life. Many people do not take their bellies seriously and just keep on pushing inside as […]

Why Do You Get Acidity, Heartburn, Stomach Gas And How To Deal With These

weight loss diet can cause bloating

Heartburn or acidity is caused due to acid reflux caused by excess acidity in the stomach. This is caused by eating the wrong kind of foods and due to weak digestion system. Heartburn can lead to stomach gas and bloat. Right eating habits and a healthy lifestyle routine can alleviate this issue.  Table of Contents […]

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