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Beetroot Dal Chutney Recipe | Possible

Beetroot dal chutney with rice

  Beetroot Dal Chutney Think of the colour red and beetroot will feature prominently. This deep red colored vegetable, due to the abundant betalain pigment, is rich in a host of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. A little of this chutney is sure to fire up the colour and nutrient quotient of your plate. 1 Beetroot […]

Khatti Kairi Ki Chutney Recipe!

Khatti Kairi Ki Cutney

  Khatti Kairi Ki Chutney Recipe! We all love mango, the king of all fruits! Apart from having a compelling taste, it helps in weight loss and accelerates the metabolism. It is also prescribed to boost your immunity and scrape several diseases. With such incredible paybacks, it is advisable to include mangos in your everyday […]

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