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Beetroot Cutlet Recipe

Healthy Beetroot Cutlet Recipe

  Beetroot Cutlet Recipe Are you a cutlet fan? If yes, tune into this one! Possible brings its own version of cutlet. This veg cutlet is different from other veg cutlets because it is made with rava, seed cocktail and slim atta.  This ingredient is a substitute for breadcrumbs which is unhealthy for health because […]

Sweet Potato, Egg and Upma Mix Cutlet

Egg Upma Cutlet Recipe

  Sweet Potato, Egg And Upma Mix Cutlet Cutlets are great appetizers! The blissful combination of vegetables and spices melts in the mouth and pleasures your taste goblets. To count the health benefits, this recipe has sweet potato and egg white. Sweet potato is rich in vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6. […]

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