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Creamy Hi-Protein Choco Vanilla Shake Recipe – Possible

Protein shake

  Creamy Hi-Protein Choco Vanilla Shake Recipe Are you game for a nutritious creamy shake? Possible brings to you this choco- vanilla shake that will help you fulfilling all your nutrient requirements.  How many times have you skipped breakfast, or left lunch half-way, snacked on easily available fried foods or even skimped on that 1 […]

The All Vegetarian Protein Shake recipe!

Protein Shake

Shakes are a great way to start the day and are refreshing after a sweaty workout. Not only is this protein shake convenient and tasty, it’s high in protein and will help boost your fat regulating hormones. Chug one of these glasses and you can say bye-bye to hunger pangs. The choicest of the ingredients […]

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