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5 Signs That You Have Hyperglycemia

Signs of Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia is commonly known as high blood sugar. It is a condition in which sugar in excess circulates in the blood. If the sugar level in your body is higher than 200 mg/dl, then you have this condition. Table of Contents:  What is Hyperglycemia? Causes of Hyperglycemia Signs and Symptoms of Hyperglycemia A Life-Threatening Condition […]

Weight Gain Due To Unmanaged Diabetes

Weight gain due to unmanaged diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disorder characterized by decreased insulin secretion or decreased action of insulin at the end organs. It presents in various ways. It may be hereditary and present in early childhood or it may arise as a result of poor lifestyle practices.  Table of Contents What is Diabetes mellitus? Can diabetes be […]

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