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Top Reasons Why You Should Snack on Seeds Cocktail To Manage Weight

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Seeds cocktail is a healthy snacking option. It not only helps you beat sudden hunger pang but also helps in keeping your sugar levels in control. It is ideal for managing weight. Seeds cocktail made from chia, sunflower, flax, pumpkin and watermelon boosts immunity and energy. Table of content What goes in seed cocktail  How […]

Seeds Cocktail Porridge

Seeds Cocktail Chutney

  Seeds Cocktail Porridge If you haven’t tried making seeds cocktail porridge so far, you’ve gotta try it. These are nutrient-dense superfoods rich in essential vitamins and minerals. This recipe is really simple and you can earn a fortune of good health by incorporating it in your diet. 100 gm barley or farro, soaked in […]

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