17 Type 2 Diabetes Checklist – How to Control Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes checklist, symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes checklist – Add functional foods into the diet like bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds and leaves, jamun seeds powder and cinnamon powder and find a way out of your type 2 diabetes.

90% of people with diabetes have the type 2 diabetes, with the right diet and lifestyle changes you can surely fight it.

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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose or blood sugar levels are higher than the normal level.

Our food is ultimately broken down into glucose. People suffering from diabetes are the most living in developing countries.

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How to Control Type 2 Diabetes?

One of the biggest ways to control diabetes or preventing it is to lose weight. By adopting a proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle will keep your diabetes in control.  Almost 90% of people have type 2 diabetes. The incidence of this type of diabetes among children has increased tremendously. If you want to control your type 2 diabetes, know the foods to help control diabetes.

Know more About Top 10 Superfoods For Diabetes

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  • Take one tablet of methi pills every day before breakfast. Methi is a rich source of soluble fiber which helps to reduce the blood sugars.
  • Vitamin D has been shown to play a role in insulin resistance and weight loss, so take Vitamin D supplements as per the dietitian’s advice.
  • Add functional foods into the diet like bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds and leaves, jamun seeds powder and cinnamon powder.
  • Restrict your fruit intake to one per day. Eat fruit as a standalone meal with one or two nuts but not along with a meal.
  • Take the compulsory supplements like vitamin D, probiotics, multivitamins and minerals for a month.
  • Next Take probiotic supplement (derolac or velgut) every day for a month as research has proven that probiotics have an impact on weight loss, insulin resistance and inflammation.
  • And Take 2 tsp of Trufiber every day by gradually increasing the amount from ½ tsp. Take 1tsp half an hour before lunch and 1 tsp half an hour before dinner as it is a rich source of soluble and insoluble fibers. It contains fenugreek, cinnamon and guar gum which helps to control the blood sugar.
  • When you go out on a dinner, have one phulka with dal, vegetables, and salad as it is important to have at least a small portion of carbohydrates in every meal.
  • Have an early and light dinner, and maintain at least 2-3 hours gap between dinner and bedtime. It is advisable to have a cup of low-fat milk with a pinch of cinnamon as a bedtime snack.
  • It is important to be physically active as well, so try to incorporate at least 30-40 min of any physical activity like walking, yoga, etc to increase your insulin sensitivity and to maintain the blood sugar control.
  • Inform your work out timings and workout pattern to your dietician to get proper information for pre and post workout meals, as they are important in providing constant energy levels and avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
  • Keep your body active by doing some activity or go for a 10-15 minute walk one hour after dinner to keep your fasting blood sugars low.
  • Always carry healthy snacks in your bag to avoid hypoglycemic attacks (falling in blood sugar levels).
  • Check out the video below that has exercises to improve diabetes 
  • The tests which are required for testing the blood sugar levels are to know the fasting sugars, postprandial, HBa1c, Kidney function test, thyroid and lipid profile and vitamin B12.
  • Let your dietician know about your recent lab reports, medications with dosages and your last consultation with the doctor along with the diet. The right medication is also important to get your sugars under control and try to update the reports within the first five days.
  • Discuss the medical history in detail with your dietician and your goal for the program. The goal should be in treating diabetes to minimize elevation of blood sugar without abnormally causing low levels of blood sugar. Set realistic targets with the help of your dietitian.

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