Health Risk Factors When You Have High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol leads to many Health Risks

It is obvious for anybody to wonder how quickly, over the years, health risks have doubled up. Health problems like asthma, diabetes, obesity, heart ailments intrude into healthy, happy lives so often without notice.

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These problems are of major concern these days. The advancement of science and technology has surely made the diagnosis of such health problems easier but the treatment to eliminate such serious health risks are hardly as easy provided the cost of diagnosis and then treatment together runs up to six-figures easily.

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The cost of treatment is not the only disturbing factor but also the mental agony, tension and the trauma that dawn upon the family thereof.

The question of the hour is- what is to be done to prevent such grave diseases from bothering in our lives?

Well, the simplest way to live a happy life health-wise is to maintain a healthy diet, break unhealthy habits and exercise. What we eat has a direct impact on our health.

While a daily intake of vegetables, fibrous fruits, whole grains and the required amount of proteins and fats is what the ‘Healthy Eating Plate’ consists, intake of extra fatty food, sugary beverages and food rich in sodium may contribute to the decay of the mortal shrug from a very early stage.

‘Prevention is better than cure’- the old saying proves to be true in this case. In this article, we learn in depth about the health risk factors associated with high cholesterol so that we may recognize the problem better and may figure out a healthy solution for it.

To start with let’s divide the causes of high cholesterol in healthy person into two categories- controllable factors and uncontrollable factors.

Uncontrollable Risk Factors

There are high cholesterol risk factors that you cannot exercise control over in any case. These risk factors shall potentially be present and shall show up prominently with age. These factors include:

Family History-

A study reveals that one is more likely to be diagnosed with unhealthy cholesterol levels in case his parents or any of his siblings happen to be diagnosed with a heart ailment before reaching the age of 55.

So, you know where you stand on the scale of having an untroubled future when it comes to your health.


Women are more likely to experience the symptoms of high cholesterol after their menopause. Thus, women, after reaching a certain age, must get a good control of their diet and start following an exercise schedule to make sure the risks of heart diseases is minimal.


Age is another uncontrollable risk factor that determines the chances of suffering a heart ailment. In fact, men above the age of 45 and women above the age of 55 are most likely to experience health-related issues due to high cholesterol.

Although there is no direct solution for the uncontrollable risk factors of high cholesterol that increase generally with age, it is the best to go on with routine health checkups and follow a strict diet plan to keep things in control.

There may be symptoms of high cholesterol like dizziness, tiredness, and pain while walking. In the worst cases, the patient may suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

Let’s learn about all the possible high cholesterol causes.

Controllable Risk Factors

Unlike the uncontrollable risk factors, you can easily monitor and keep these key points in check so as to be sure about keeping your cholesterol levels to its optimum. These factors include:

Physical Activity-

This is definitely a major factor in determining the cholesterol levels in blood and its effect on your health. Cholesterol is another kind of fat.

Therefore, the more you while away your time sitting ideal or coiling up on the bed in leisure, the more you are at risk. Even when you are in your office, sitting in front of a computer from 9 to 5, you may be damaging your health.

Lack of daily exercise let LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) or ‘bad cholesterol’ accumulate and stick together forming plaque which may block the free flow of blood through our arteries and thus, limiting the flow of oxygen-rich blood in our veins that may lead to heart diseases or worse, a heart attack.

Engaging in physical activities, exercising or playing a sport shall help you to burn a lot of cholesterol and decrease your LDL and increase the production of HDL in your body simultaneously.

Body Mass Index (BMI) –

Having a BMI greater than 30% can double up your risk of getting a heart attack.

Rapid gain in weigh also indicates the increase of cholesterol levels in your body which you definitely need to keep in check if you are not expecting to get diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease anytime soon.

Body Mass Index Final
Body Mass Index Final


A healthy diet may not always please your sweet tooth or your taste buds but shall surely go gentle on your heart and let it function just alright for a long run in life.

Include fibrous fruits, green veggies, whole grains, healthy fats and lots of legumes and pulses in your diet.

In case your question be, “What food causes high cholesterol?” what you must know beforehand is that it is better to avoid processed food such as full-fat cheese, cream, pasta, dairy products etc. Best to avoid red meat, butter, bacon, and hot dogs.

High Blood Pressure-

Patients with a constant problem of high blood pressure may experience symptoms of cholesterol much sooner than others.


Smokers beware. Smoking not only does a whole lot of damage to your lungs but also to your blood vessels. The damaged blood vessels, in turn, accumulate sticky wax-like LDL and thereby are more prone to plaque formation.

Smoking is also known to lower your ‘good cholesterol’ (HDL) levels and cause more damage to your health. Cut out on your cigarettes and start a healthy rebel against increased cholesterol level in your body.

Type 2 Diabetes-

Having type 2 diabetes would make it really hard for you to deal with increased cholesterol levels as it increases LDL levels in the blood while lowering HDL levels altogether. It also damages blood vessels making them the storehouse of fatty deposits.

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Talk to your physician if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and discuss how it may contribute as a health risk factor for high cholesterol.

It is necessary that people should get aware about causes of high cholesterol in a healthy person take measure to keep a check on the factors they have a control over.

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