Improve Immunity With GOUT During COVID-19

Improve Immunity With GOUT

Today, COVID-19 has reached more than a million people. With no vaccines identified yet, we have to accept living with the virus for a while.

During this outrageous situation, if you or your loved ones are under GOUT condition then you are at the right space. We have our experts, who have summed up guidelines that will help you manage GOUT and COVID-19 impacts.

GOUT is a form of arthritis with symptoms like severe pain and redness in the affected joints which later turns warm and tender. It is frequently witnessed in adults of age group lying around 35-55 years.

The main purpose here stands on to manage GOUT during this COVID-19 pandemic. Yes! As you are all aware of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), an infectious disease that has affected more than millions today and has gobbled up lakhs.

With all the reports around immunity playing a major role in recovering from COVID-19, we are all working on health staying indoors today.

As a health management establishment, we at Possible have brought to you certain helpful instructions to improve immunity with GOUT like conditions in you.

Foods To Improve Immunity With GOUT During COVID-19

  • Choose complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, Millets like Ragi, Jowar, Bajra and Brown Rice, Lentils and Legumes. 
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates like Maida or fried foods as they can fluctuate your blood sugar levels. Also, high processed foods can lead to weight gain, aggravating inflammation and uric crystals build up in joints. 

seasonal fruits

    Seasonal fruits
  • Enjoy all the seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet, they have been effective in preventing GOUT attacks and also improve immunity with GOUT.
  • One serving of fruit (150-200 gm) which are rich in Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Potassium and Magnesium, Calcium and other Antioxidants like banana, all kind of berries and cherries , Citrus fruits, Avocado, melons should be added on a daily basis because research have shown that antioxidants reduces the inflammation and increases immunity. 
  • Protein intake should be 0.7- 0.8 gm/kg body weight or 40-50 g per day. Considering GOUT condition, it is important to limit protein intake. Therefore, it is advised that you must limit intake of protein foods like beans, pulses or legumes to 1/2 serving to manage GOUT. Say instead of one bowl, take 1/2 bowl. 
  • You can take non vegetarian food; however, it should be restricted to 50-60 g twice a week, either Chicken or Fishes like Salmon. You can include 1 boiled egg white in any one of your meals. Exclude organ meat, red meat and sea foods. 
  • Add monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to your diet, example – Olive oil, Canola oil, Rice Bran Oil. Cold pressed oil or Ghee can be preferred as per availability however, total intake of oil in a day can be 2-3 tsp. 
  • Avoid high fat foods and fried foods in the diet. Include good quality fat & protein in the form of Almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds and Walnuts. You can make Seeds & Nuts mix & consume it during mid meals or crush it over a salad bowl or smoothie. 
  • Bromelain – found in pineapple has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. You can include pineapple in your diet as a mid-meal or add chopped pieces over a salad. 
  • Curcumin is an active ingredient present in turmeric which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent & proven to improve immunity. Take 0.5 tsp of turmeric powder with lukewarm water everyday before going to bed. 

turmeric reduces inflammation

  • Make use of Indian spices that are helpful in GOUT condition. Soup can be made from mustard, bitter gourd, turmeric, ginger and garlic
  • Ginger tea/juice (3-5ml), or ginger powder (1mg) once or twice per day can be taken. 
  • Intake of Amla juice (5 to 10ml) or whole amala in any other form (avoid sweetened) can be taken for 1-3months. It is rich in Vitamin C & helps to manage GOUT. 
  • Limit or avoid high fructose corn syrup- Fructose is the only carbohydrate known to increase uric acid. It is best to avoid beverages and foods sweetened with fructose corn syrup such as soft drinks, juice drinks, breakfast cereals. 
  • Limit or avoid alcohol. Alcohol interferes with the elimination of uric acid from your body. Drinking beer, in particular, has been linked to GOUT attacks. Alcohol also disturbs the body’s metabolism which can put you on weight gain, it also weakens immunity in the body. 
  • Stay hydrated by drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily. Water is a great detoxifier, and essential for regulating body temperature and to improve immunity with GOUT. 
  • In these summer days, Kanji water can be consumed since it works as a strong probiotic as well as coolant. Also, Mint leaves, lemon slides and coriander leaves can be infused in water. It acts as a coolant. Probiotics are essential to promote growth of good bacteria in your gut. 
  • Aim to consume 2 glasses of buttermilk everyday since it is a summer coolant and probiotic.

These Lifestyle Renovations Will Bring Your Health In Line

  • Chronic stress can negatively alter immune system responses, making you more likely to get sick. Identify your personal stress reduction strategies. Current situation of lock-down can only make it worse. You must keep yourself engaged throughout the day, indulge in your hobby or pick up a new one. 
  • Complete your routine activities like cooking, cleaning, managing other household chores. Make time for regular phone calls and staying in touch with your distant friends and relatives – online calls are great ways to keep in contact when we cannot meet face to face. 
  • Do meditation with musical therapy once in a day for 15 minutes. 
  • Expose yourself for 15 mins to sunlight daily. Ideal time is between 7 AM to 10 AM. Try to get outside for some fresh air or in the garden, balcony, or walking in an open area. Vitamin D is linked to relieve stress and depression. 
  • Sleep has a big influence on immune function, so it is essential to get plenty of sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene and maintain consistent sleep hours—turn off screens, ensure the room is cool, quiet, and dark, and set a reminder to help yourself go to bed on time. Go gadget free at least 2 hours before sleep time.
  • Short nap of 15-20 minutes (say in the afternoon) helps in blood pressure reduction. 
  • Moderate, regular physical activity helps to boost immune system function by raising the number of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies, increasing circulation, and decreasing stress hormones. Establish and follow an exercise program to not only help prevent respiratory infections but also to improve cognitive and physical resilience. 
  • Yoga is the best advised physical activity for GOUT and immunity. You can do stretching exercises for 30 mins at your home. Alternatively, if you can manage to walk either indoors or outdoors for 30 mins.

Important  Supplements And  Medications That You Should Know

  • Be in touch with your physician over the phone and update your health status. If any supplements or medications prescribed by the physician, continue the same. Do not change the dose of medicines without physicians knowledge. 
  • Include Probiotics supplements like Velgut or Darolac (After lunch) to improve your gut health. 
  • Consider supplementation with Zinc, Vitamin A, B6, D, E, Iron, Folate and Fiber if not getting enough from the diet. One tablet of multivitamin daily for a month can help fill the nutrient gap, increase energy level and improve immune health. 
  • If remarkably high uric acid, then we can suggest taking either tab Punarnava of Himalaya company or tab giloya or amla of Patanjali. This can be taken 1 per day, morning before breakfast.
  • Take Chyawanprash 1 tsp in the morning. If you have Diabetes, then you can take 0.5 tsp each in morning and evening (There should be a 30 mins gap for your Diabetes medicine intake), and this helps improve immunity with GOUT. 

Weekly Diet Plans With Nutritious And Tasty Dishes And Drinks

MealsPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3Plan 4
Early MorningACV (10ml) + AlmondsACV (10ml) + Almonds
ACV (10ml) + AlmondsACV (10ml) + Almonds
BreakfastBoiled egg (1no) or sprouts (0.5 bowl) + Broken wheat khichdi 1 cupBoiled egg (1no) or sprouts (0.5 bowl) + Veg sandwich - 1Boiled egg (1no) or Sambhar (0.5 bowl) + Brown rice dosa - 2 + coconut chutney 1 tspBoiled egg (1no) or sprouts (0.5 bowl) + Upma with veggies or stuffed Paratha
Mid Meal
Sweet, Salt lemon water
Pineapple pieces – 1 cupOrange - 1
Kiwi fruit – 2 small
LunchButtermilk + Salad 1 bowl + Dal (0.5 bowl) + Palak dal khichdi 1 bowlButtermilk + Dal (0.5bowl) + Salad 1 bowl + Methi roti – 2 + Veg curry – 1 cupSalad 1 bowl + Millet Roti – 2 + Dal (0.5bowl) or Chicken/ Fish (2 small pieces)Salad 1 bowl + Bisibele bath 1 bowl + Pickle 1 tsp + Cucumber mint Raita 1 cup
Evening SnackGreen tea 1 cup + Makhana – 1 cupMasala tea 1 cup + Khakra - 2Green tea 1 cup + Puffed Rice bhel 1 cup
Masala tea 1 cup + Whole grain biscuits - 2
DinnerSauteed veggies 1cup + Veg curry + Jowar roti – 1 + ButtermilkVeg Soup 1 bowl + Dalia khichdi 1 bowl + ButtermilkTomato Soup 1 bowl + Wheat roti – 2 + Lauki Chana curry – 1 cupVeg Soup / Chicken clear Soup + Methi dal + Millet Roti - 2
BedtimeLukewarm water + 0.5 tsp turmericLukewarm water + 0.5 tsp turmericLukewarm water + 0.5 tsp turmericLukewarm water + 0.5 tsp turmeric

Disclaimer: Possible does not claim to cure any diseases. Results may vary. Diet supervision is not a substitute for medical treatment. You can prefer food/recipes as per local availability. 

2 Easy Indian Recipes To Regain Immunity

1. Carrot Kanji


  • 250 gm carrots-preferably the dark variety (called kaali gajar) 
  • 6 cups water 
  • 3 Tbsp powdered mustard seeds 
  • 2 Tbsp salt


  • Peel the carrots, and cut them into 7cm/3″ pieces, not too thin (about finger size). 
  • Boil the water and add the carrots to it. 
  • When the water comes to a boil again, shut off the heat and leave to cool. 
  • Add the salt and the mustard powder, and transfer into a jar with a lid, and keep this in the sun, to mature. 
  • In sunny weather, it takes 3-4 days for the taste of the mustard to become strong. Do not keep the jar in the sun, after it is ready. 

2. Immune boosting tea:


  • 200ml water 
  • 1/4th tsp any tea leaves 
  • 5- Tulsi leaves
  • 1 small Cinnamon stick 
  • 1/4 tsp – Honey 


  • Take water in the tea vessel.
  • Add tulsi leaves and cinnamon stick crushed and boil.
  • Once it comes to boil, off the gas and add the green tea leaves and steep. Strain the tea and savour.


At the end, all that has come down to is living a healthy life, with the right food and supplements, as with GOUT and COVID-19. We know, the lockdown is not easy for you. But the time you have got today will never be back.

Spend this time on yourself, get your life back on track to healthy living. Improve your immunity with GOUT conditions in you, do not let the COVID-19 virus get on to your mind before it reaches your body.

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