Know All About The Weight Gain Pattern for Men in Their 40’s


Weight Gain Pattern – Weight gain and losing body fat is a struggle that persists throughout time. People in their 20’s and also in their 40’s face the problem of having to lose weight.

Men especially have a difficult time in going about this task at the age of 40. Weight loss for men in their 40’s is a cumbersome process, as first and foremost, most weight loss exercises and diets are for women.

Though the human body is universal in approach, the male and female body have different requirements and functioning when it comes to weight loss in the progressing years.

Men find it more difficult to lose weight on their 40’s as body metabolism lowers with age.

Also with age, the level of testosterone in men decrease and due to the reduced formation of testosterone, there is decreased muscle mass.

Why is it difficult to lose weight for men in their 40’s?

Men and women have very different physiologies. When men reach the age of 40 their system starts slowing down. This means that their metabolism rate and their hormone secretion levels start declining as more and more time passes.

Some men this causes their body to burn residual fat slower and it becomes more and more difficult to lose fat and belly fat.

Men in their 40’s have a hard time losing weight as their body cannot metabolise and burn fat as fast as it is required.

Thus despite avoiding fatty foods, men in their 40’s find that they are not reducing belly fat.
Another fact for which men cannot lose weight in their 40’s is that diets which they adopt for weight loss are mostly conditioned for women.  

Women in their 40’s metabolism and burn fat in a slightly different physiological aspect than men. Most diets for weight loss are formulated to cater to the needs of women.

Even diets which are universal in approach are based on requirements for women.

This is also a possible cause why diets and some specific exercises that claim to bring about weight loss do not apply for the same to men.

Ways to lose weight for men after the age of 40:

Men in their 40’s have a tendency to gain weight. Due to several problems and lower body functionality, it becomes difficult to lose belly fat.

To combat this, here are some ways to know how to bring about weight loss in men over 40.

1. Improve your diet: 

As men get older and older, they might get more prone to eating more unhealthy food.

Also, it could be the case that their metabolism rate lowers the normal diet that they followed cannot be properly absorbed by the body.

A great factor that plays a vital role in the unhealthy diet of men is alcohol. Men tend to consume more amounts of alcohol as they get older.


Often due to the stress of work and social responsibilities, the intake of spirits increases and this hampers their body.  

To lose weight at or over the age of 40, men should follow a proper diet and improve the type of food they consume according to their age and their bodily need.  

Avoiding eating foods that are high in calories and also avoiding excess refined sugars like white flour can help in controlling weight gain. Fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre are essential for better loss of fat.

2. Get more exercise:

With age, comes less movement. Many factors in the life of a 40-year-old man cause him to spend most of his days sitting with low body movement.

This adds to the problem of weight gain. Getting more exercise and movement in a week will greatly help in the process of losing weight for men over 40.

Having a daily morning exercise routine which includes cardio and stretching helps in keeping the joint lubricated and fit preventing many ailments that come with age and lack of mobility.

Also, due to more exercise, men in their 40’s; who generally start having a lower metabolism rate, can have a higher metabolic function which aids the burning of fat.

Practising specific weight loss exercise for men every day greatly helps in the control and reduction of body fat.

3. Professional consultation:


All men who have reached or crossed the threshold of the age of 40 should, without a doubt, consult a family doctor.

Knowing what changes your body is going through and how the coming of age of affecting you is crucial for the proper and well maintenance of the body.

By getting professional medical advice, you will be better equipped to about controlling and managing your weight.

Many men face weight gain problem despite proper dietary measure and regular exercise. This could be due to low testosterone levels in the body.

This hormonal level can be returned to normalcy with medical attention and help. Doctors are better equipped to diagnose your current condition and will be able to advise you on what to do in order to lose weight most effectively.

By indulging in the above-mentioned ways men over the age of 40 can find it easier to lose weight and belly fat.

Since from the age of 40 the human body begins to slow down, it is important to make sure that you are not putting excess strain on your body and forcefully achieve your goals.

Practising the best workouts for 40-year-old men and adhering to a proper diet any man who is above the age of 40 and is having trouble with weight loss can manage it and lose weight efficiently without putting excess strain on their bodies.

By eating less sugars and foods that have a lower caloric count and exercising on a regular basis, staying in shape becomes easy and simple even after the age of 40.

Furthermore, those who have medical help and advice also, have a more effective way to bring about weight loss with the help of prescribe vitamins and medication coupled with the right amount and type of food and exercises needed by your body.

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