Coffee Benefits: Long Live The Coffee Lovers!

Coffee Benefits

Medically reviewed by  Ashwathy V. Pillai,  Postgraduate Degree in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Our day starts with a refreshing cup of coffee. It has always been the savior for our late night and last moment assignments.

The smell of freshly grounded, dark and aromatic coffee stimulates the nervous system and makes you vigilant. But is it healthy enough to be consumed on the daily basis?

Coffee Health Benefits
Coffee beans

“Coffee is one of the five highest antioxidant foods in the world today”

The good news is, it is indeed an important part of our healthy lifestyle.

Recently researchers have revealed that coffee contains a massive amount of antioxidants.

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It helps to get rid of toxicity in the body and increases circulation.

Coffee Benefits
Morning Coffee

Now, spill those coffee beans and stay healthy!

Consumption of coffee renders all the incredible coffee benefits and slows down the aging process and protect against the free radical damage.

It provides supportive benefits for liver and increases blood flow to the brain. The compound called polyphenol present in coffee beans provides micronutrients for our diet.

When you are brewing a cup of coffee for yourself, you are not only sipping on caffeine but a lot of healthy compounds along with the booting antioxidants.

According to the recent studies, moderate consumption of coffee (1 cup per day) claims 5-6% reduction in risk of death from chronic diseases, which shows that even a little bit is enough to have an effect.

However, drinking too much coffee can be unhealthy as it contains high-end caffeine. Caffeine changes the brain’s chemistry causing addictive side effects and overstimulates the body. It can burn out your adrenal glands and cause adrenal fatigue.

People struggling with hormonal imbalance and thyroid issues should definitely avoid drinking coffee regularly.

Coffee benefits for Health
Coffe beans and coffee

Coffee Ethics

One must have coffee only in the morning and avoid it post lunch. The effect of coffee stays till 12 hrs. And so, drinking coffee in the evening can disturb your sleep cycle to some extent.

Say “Yes Please” to espresso! Brewed coffee is healthy than the extravagant cappuccino and caffè mocha which has excessive sugar content.

Some of us add little coffee into a cup full of sugar! Coffee is good but people have a habit of pouring extra sugar into the cups. And that’s certainly a no-no for a healthy drink.

We think that calorie-free artificial sweeteners are healthy and better that sugar. Guess what? It isn’t healthy and can cause long-term health issues. Keep off it!

Prefer organic coffee because coffee plants are sprayed with pesticides and toxins that aren’t  fit for human consumption.

Now, grab that cup of coffee and  stay super healthy!

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