New Study On Water: Some More Reasons To Gulp Down A Glass Now

Drinking water uses

Quick, grab a glass of water and read through this article as you slowly sip it away! We absolutely insist! Still a non-believer?

This article, a follow-up to our other article on benefits of drinking water, is sure to convert you to a water believer!

Drinking water benefits
Water, the most important fluid!

New Study On Drinking Water

It is common sense that two third’s of an adult’s weight and almost 90% of an infant’s weight is comprised of water.

All those mindless fad diets and exercises help you shed this water weight instead of the fats!

But if results of a new study have to be believed, then drinking plain water can control weight, and most importantly, reduce the intake of sugar, salt and saturated fat.

For the study, the researchers used a nationally representative sample of 18, 300 US adults from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005 – 2012.

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The researchers then asked the participants to recall all the foods and drinks consumed for 2 days.

They calculated the amount of plain water consumed by the participants.

The Encouraging Results

Drinking water for weight loss
How many glasses of water did you drink today?

On a daily basis, the average plain water consumption was 4.2 glasses, which accounted for only 30% of the total water consumption.

However, the most interestingly, when people increased their consumption of plain water from 1 to 3 cups; the following dietary changes were noticed:

  • The participants consumed 68 to 205 fewer calories every day.
  • Their sodium intake (from salt, processed foods, pickles etc) reduced by 78 to 235 grams every day.
  • They consumed 5 to 18 grams less of sugar every day.
  • Also, their cholesterol consumption also reduced by 7 to 21 grams every day.

All this by simply consuming 2 more glasses of water a day!

The Water Way Out!

Obesity has snowballed into an epidemic and every strategy to impact the diet and exercise need to be taken.

What better than simply increasing the consumption of plain water.

So it is high time to ditch the sugar-sweetened beverages and colas and instead, opt for a glass of cool water.

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