5 Easy Ways To Make Mornings Better. Healthy Breakfast Goes A Long Way!

Morning tips

The belief that early mornings are ideal for any work that requires you think, be it school work or any task that requires concentration.

The reason – you feel fresh in the mornings!! But the point is… do all of us actually feel fresh and enthusiastic about taking up tasks like champions….in the morning!

One thing we keep forgetting is that early morning champions have a healthy breakfast and this is what makes them champions.

Usually, mornings are about yawns, stretches and well.. how could we not talk about those endless alarm snoozes?

The mere thought of leaving our beloved bed and blanket depresses us and “Just 5 more minutes” becomes our daily anthem.

Here, by no means, we wish to say that there are no morning people that exist but I am certainly not one of them.

There are people who spring out of bed at the crack of dawn as if they had been waiting for the sun to rise!

As a child, there was just one annual occasion when I would spring out of my bed… and that used to be my birthday. And for the rest 364 days, my alarm would start snoozing on its own.

What Makes Mornings the Most Crucial Part of the Day?

Though you may not be a morning person and you certainly do not need to feel bad about it, there are actually ways you can make your mornings better and brighter.

When they say that your disposition during the morning hours sets the tone of the rest of the day for you, they are not wrong, which makes it all the more important for you to have a relaxed and pleasant morning.

So this article has been curated for you keeping in mind the pain points most of us go through in the mornings and make those hours easier and more organized for you.

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eat a healthy breakfast
Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast gets your immune system running, which goes a long way in preserving your health.

It also sets a positive mood for the day along with preventing you from binge eating.

Another feel-good factor!

Make sure to include fruits in your breakfast or vegetable juice.

Doing this can curb the number of calories consumed during your healthy breakfast.

Having a healthy breakfast is one of the healthiest lifestyle tips to start your mornings with.

Here we have interesting weight loss breakfast recipes just for you.

2. Do Not Say Hello to Your Phone First Thing in the Morning

Dont wake up to see phone screen
Dont Wake Up to See Phone Screen

It is important to focus on yourself and YOUR surroundings rather than just reaching out to your phone and scrolling through the last night emails and other people’s profiles on the social media.

Why would you want to see what others are doing first thing in the morning?

It is extremely important to be present in NOW! Rather think of the healthy breakfast you are going to prepare for yourself.

Even if you are habituated to “feeling” your phone early morning, just scroll through the music app and listen to some soothing music or even a foot tapping number that sets a nice tone for your upcoming day.

In a research [1] conducted at the University of British Columbia, 124 students and professors were asked to check their email frequently for one week.

The next week, they were asked to check their email only three times per day and even their notification alerts had been disabled.

At the end of the study, the participants were found to be less stressed and containing more positivity than before.

3. Make Your Own Bed

Make your own bed
Make Your Own Bed

It may sound very simple but the effect that it has on your mood is incomparable. Looking at an impeccably straightened bed is a feeling so satisfying that it simply cannot be described in words.

Making this your morning ritual has multiple benefits ranging from stretching your muscles to immediately engaging your mind in doing something constructive.

Even if you do not have a great day, you know that you have a nicely made bed to go back to…. And that too made by you! A clean bed makes you happier.

In fact, you can have your healthy breakfast sitting on the crisp sheets.

What bliss! When Gretchen Rubin [2], the author of The Happiness Project, was conducting research for her book, she found out that one of the most simple changes that lead to happiness was making our own beds every morning. So start making your bed today.

4. Take a Bath Soon After Leaving the Bed

Take bath soon after leaving bed
Take Bath Soon After Leaving Bed

Lounging in your pyjamas long after you have gotten out of bed keeps the last night’s hangover lingering.

Taking shower soon after getting up transforms you from a grouchy demeanor to a chirpy disposition within minutes.

It is a fact that people who shower in the morning are actually happier and healthier [3] people than those who do not. The shower makes you feel beautiful from inside out.

According to researchers at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, cold showers stimulate the blue spot in the brain, which is the primary source of noradrenaline [4]. This helps in the cure of depression.    

5. Get Some Exercise

get some exercise
Get Some Exercise

Exercising in the morning helps you regain energy and focus while motivating you to perform your best during the day.

Jogging in the morning is an excellent idea to get the blood flowing to every organ along with allowing fresh air to travel your inside. Even a brisk walk would do you a world of good [5].

Sunlight stimulates your hormones that lift your mood instantly. A brisk walk in the sunlight is even known to cure mild depression [6].

If you find going out for an exercise too much to achieve in the morning, even a bit of grooving to some foot tapping music should do the trick [7]!  

So these were 5 easy steps you can take to make your mornings better and easier to sail through. Follow these and see a world of change in how you go about feeling about morning woes.

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