5 Questions to Ask Before Joining any Weight Loss Program!

5 Questions to Weightloss

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Weight loss program
5 Questions ask before weight loss program

What is a weight loss program?

Is that magic weight loss pill safe or opt for non-surgical liposuction? How about relying on Slimming Tea or a Sauna Belt?

Ah, there are myriad of ways in which you can evaluate a program! But choosing what to pay heed to and what to ignore becomes the real daunting task.

Nonetheless, we’ve narrowed things for you and here are the 5 questions that you must ask before joining a weight loss program.

1. Is it scientific and proven?

Don’t get misled by fancy advertisements. Do some research to read reviews of the product/company online. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If the medical world has invented a weight loss pill or the machine that worked, then why would any rich person be fat? Unfortunately, no such pills or machines exist.
  2. If such technology existed to reduce weight, then how come there is no mention of it in the news? How come no big healthcare company in the USA or Europe offer these products?
  3. Does the company have research reports/books to explain how their product works?

2. Are there any side effects?

Everybody would say “We don’t have side effects”. But don’t believe them. Google is your best friend…just go ahead and do your research. Read out the ingredients present in the weight loss product.

Check the benefits and side effects of each ingredient using any search engine. Go one step further and search “Will my health improve with X product?”

Any weight loss program which does not improve your health significantly is a waste of time and money.

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3. Is it natural?

Every company would expect you to believe that their program is natural. You need to figure out what they mean by a program that is completely natural.

Some companies believe exposing you to radiation to lose weight is natural. Others will say that their pills are made from natural ingredients. Read the fine print and don’t fall for such gimmicks.

4. Are they making false promises?

Would you believe someone who says he’ll make you rich in a week? No, right? For the same reasons, you should never believe such outrageous claims.

Remember, 2-4 kgs weight loss per month is practical and healthy. Any claim higher than that is misleading.

“Lose 10 kgs in 30 days.”
“No exercise, No Diet. Lose weight without any effort.”
“Lose 1 kg in 1 hour with our machine.”
“Drink XYZ Tea, and lose 5 kg in a month”.
“Just pop up a pill and lose 5 kgs a month.”

5. Do I need to make modifications to my diet?

Everybody wants to eat pizza and burger every day and still lose weight. That’s where weight loss companies make money by showing you false promises.

“No Diet. No Exercise.” is the biggest misleading ad. Weight loss will never happen if you are eating junk food daily. So say NO to any company which says “no diet modifications are required”.

We hope this checklist helps you make a rational decision. There is one rule you can follow: If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. So make a wise decision!

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5 thoughts on “5 Questions to Ask Before Joining any Weight Loss Program!

  1. zuberiya says:

    Great your article speaks like a fat person’s mind but is your trueweight programme really genuine as promusingly it seems? Not just fat person but nobody want to get side effects coz all care for their well being n paying money to invite trouble is foolishness that’s why people want to be sure…I don’t see news but the members who are updated with news in my family say that never heard about trueweight so that means either they dint see the news channel or even your programme is unknown… I don’t believe in miracles when it comes to physical changes coz it’s a no pain no gain agenda .. like all day people even I want to lose weight but if someone fools me by misguiding me n takes my money to ruin my health? Then I’ll not encourage it… I have already taken an appointment with trueweight so I hope it’s Genuine n won’t harm me or my health else I.’ll be the Worst Nightmare to them..

    • Soma Raghavendra says:

      Hi Sarge! We appreciate your feed back on this article. Keep following our blog to know more health information.

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