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Weight loss foods in summer

Many people diet so they’ll be in shape for the summer. People would be better off dieting in the summer because they’ll have a better chance of success.

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Hot summer weather suppresses your appetite

Sunlight may help weight loss in the summer season by increasing serotonin levels. That’s one-way doctors treat the depression of seasonal affective disorder.

Increased levels of serotonin reduce some people’s need to eat, especially if the cravings are for comfort foods. Case in point: In a 2013 study, people who worked out in a hot environment (86° F) ate less afterwards than those who exercised in a cooler setting (50° F).

This suggests that sweltering temperatures during summer may, in fact, reduce your desire to eat—even after you’ve done a tough workout.

Its easier to eat better when it’s scorching hot outside

It’s easier to eat better in summer because there’s an abundance of seasonal, fat-burning foods that are relatively low-priced.

Summer foods such as Ladyfinger (an important source of vitamin B6 and folic acid), cucumbers (a good source of silica, which is good for the skin), peaches, (a good source of fibre), asparagus and broccoli (which are full of hunger-satisfying protein), are all readily available.

These foods not only promote a healthy digestive tract but are a key for weight loss in summers. Hence include this local produce in your weight loss diet plan.

Ladyfinger benefits
Weight loss foods in summer

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Summer makes water attractive

In summers we tend to drink more water for the obvious reason. Studies show that drinking water before every meal helps you to lose weight, thus aiding weight management.

The more water you drink, the more full you feel and are less likely to overeat during a meal. By inculcating this habit in summer, you can achieve best weight loss effects.

This new study on the water can further motivate you to gulp down a refreshing glass.

You may be less prone to mood swings

In a new University of Pittsburgh study of people with winter seasonal affective disorder, 27 percent reported binge eating during the most depressing months of the year.

And of these overeaters, 94 percent said they isolate themselves during the winter and 90 percent said they crave carbs more than normal when it’s cold outside.

If wintertime is dark and dreary then summer season is the season to have a bright disposition. While summers prevent you from sudden mood swings and thus help in weight management. Weight loss in the summer season is yet another reason to be happy!

Summer schedules make exercise and weight loss easy

Summer workouts are a great way to get rid of the extra flab gained during the long months of winter.

Summer is also the best time to become a water baby and swim around in the pool for as long as you desire. This can be a part of your summer program.

An efficient summer program includes indoor workouts like gymming, aerobics and yoga. These are the best options to avoid the scorching heat and promote weight loss in the summer.

Swimming and water aerobics can do wonders for the body as they not only protect you from the heat but are also great to work out the cardiovascular system.

Swimming for weight loss
Swimming for weight loss

Trekking is the best workout ever and helps in burning fat easily. The mountains are a great summer workout location because it’s usually cooler in hilly terrain.

As you’ll be gaining altitude, a temperature drop may also be noticed. Group exercises could also be a fun summer workout session to look at.

This kind of weight management program will fast track your weight loss in the summer.

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