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Medical Reviewed by ASHWATHY V. PILLAI, Postgraduate Degree in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition

You probably already know that having soup is healthy, But did you know that souping or soup cleanse is a popular way of losing weight? Make soup should part of your daily diet. 

So why are we going gaga over having soup daily?

Because it gives you instant dose immunity boosting nourishment; it detoxifies the body and helps you in your weight loss plan. Want to know more about soup cleanse? Read on. 

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Vegetable soup
Soup cleanse

Interesting facts about soup cleanse

  • Soup cleanse has many health benefits including weight loss, better gut health and a good boost of micronutrients.
  • The souping diet is designed to be a soup “cleanse” of the body. Overall, the idea is that you eat a “detoxifying” soup for at least two times a day for a set period of time.
  • The soup detox is supposed to provide your body with large amounts of nutrients through vegetables, but at the same time, it minimizes the overload of fructose that juicing brings.
  • Consuming at least two to three bowls of soup can also increase your fluid intake, which is an added benefit. Binding water into food, as is the case with soups, slows down gastric emptying and keeps your stomach full for longer.
  • Soups are also worthy additions to the diet of those with thyroid conditions, who are advised against consuming raw vegetables. Many raw vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables, contain a chemical called goitrogen that disrupts the functioning of the thyroid gland. Cooking these vegetables in soup destroys chemicals and makes them safe to consume.
  • Soups help you to feel satiated while also keeping a check on your calorie consumption.

Here’s how you can take boredom out of eating soup daily

Soup for weight loss
Soup for weight loss

Picture a healthy bowl of soup and most likely, you will end up imagining a bland liquid highly unappealing. But not anymore! Follow these amazing steps for a silky smooth soup or broth, which is both tempting and healthy.

  • Add these popular spices such as bay leaf, ginger, garlic, peppercorns and mustard that have therapeutic benefits in your daily soups. They can also speed up recovery from coughs, colds and injuries along with adding sublime flavours.
  • Meat-based soups provide warmth to your body, along with wholesome proteins and fats. For vegetarians, soups fulfil the daily requirement of fibre, essential amino acids, heart healthy fatty acids and B-vitamins.
  • Try incorporating these ingredients into your daily ‘soup cleansing’ routine for added health benefits.
  • Turmeric because of its anti inflammatory properties.
  • Cabbage is high in fiber and rich in Vitamin C and Potassium. Its high fiber content keeps you full for longer period of time and helps in digestion.
  • Lemon is a natural cleanser. Also, lemons are high in Vitamin C and B6 and are also considered anti-microbial.

Say no to packaged soups when trying soup cleanse

Packaged soups do not carry half as many health benefits of natural soup simply because nutrition cannot be stored for such a long time.

Besides, all the preservatives used to improve the shelf life of these perishable goods destroy the antioxidant qualities of the vegetables.

The major content in this packaged soup consists of starch, sugar and sodium. The vegetable content of any packaged soup is almost negligible besides containing depleted nutrients.

3 Health harming pre-packaged soup ingredients

1. Corn flour

The packaged soups have a very high amount of corn flour for a thick consistency. Some major health hazard of corn flour is that it raises the blood sugar content.

It further leads to fat deposition in the body, which makes one hungrier and further leads to overeating. Corn flour leaves an adverse effect on the intestine.

2. Salt

Packaged soups contain very high amount of salt. This is extremely not recommended for people suffering from blood pressure or even those who have borderline blood pressure as high salt will increase their levels.

Excess of salt causes is linked with osteoporosis, asthma, kidney diseases and stomach cancer sometimes; it also causes water retention and edema.

3. Preservatives

In packaged soups amount of preservatives is also very high. Preservatives can cause cancer and other health hazards. Moreover, all the nutrients in a packaged soup are in powdered form (dehydrated) and when these nutrients come in contact with heat, they lose all the essential vitamins.

Besides these soups only contain empty calories that get stored in your body and don’t get absorbed immediately as they are void of any nutrition.

This was all about soups, their health benefits and easy ways to make soups healthy and tasty for you and your loved ones, especially kids. Check out our recipe videos here: 

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