10 Amazing Sugarcane Juice Benefits Just For You

10 Amazing Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Medically reviewed by Spandana NagulapallyMasters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

A glass of chilled sugarcane juice on a hot summer day. That’s all one really needs to beat the scorching heat! Because of the nutrients, it is packed with, it is rightly known as the superfluid!

Known as ganne ka ras in Hindi, it is actually one of the healthiest drinks to consume. At the same time, just check the juice wallah for the cleanliness index of the machine he may be using.

You may contract more diseases than the sugarcane juice benefits, thanks to an unmaintained juicer!

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Some of sugarcane juice benefits include a provision of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron to the body.

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It is also a powerpack of healthy nutrients. In this article, we bring to you a few sugarcane juice benefits.

Sugarcane Juice Benefits
Sugarcane Juice Benefits

1. Provides the body instant dose of energy

Sugarcane juice contains simple sugars and that’s why you find so many sugarcane juice sellers during the summer season.  One of the sugarcane juice benefits is that it is one of the best ways to energize yourself and stay away from dehydration. Sugarcane juice gets easily absorbed in your body since it contains simple sugars. This is one of the few benefits of sugarcane juice.

2. Makes the functions of the liver better

Another sugarcane juice benefit is that consuming this can easily be categorized as one of the best natural treatments for liver-related diseases like jaundice. It also helps in maintaining the electrolyte levels in the body because of its alkaline properties [1].

3. Helps the body fight cancer

Given its high content of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese gives sugarcane its alkaline properties. This sugarcane juice benefit, combined with its presence of flavonoids helps to keep cancerous cells at bay, especially cancers like breast and prostate cancer. This is another of sugarcane juice benefits. 

4. Helps the digestive system work better

Anyone suffering from digestive troubles should consider including sugarcane juice in their diet. The potassium content in sugarcane juice balances the pH levels of the stomach, that manages the secretion of digestive juices keeping the digestive system in check. It also keeps the body away from various stomach infections, which is yet another one of sugarcane juice benefits.

5. Maintains the level of diabetes

Though sugarcane juice contains sugar and may seem an unsuitable drink for people suffering from diabetes [2], the fact is that if consumed in moderation, sugarcane juice can actually benefit diabetics.

The natural sugar which is found in sugarcane juice has a low glycemic index, which prevents an increase in blood glucose levels, which is another sugarcane juice benefit.

6. Maintains proper kidney functions

Since sugarcane juice is low on cholesterol and sodium with no saturated fats, yet another sugarcane juice benefit is that it preserves the health of the kidney in the most desired way.

If you dilute the sugarcane juice with lime juice and coconut water and consume it, it can actually reduce the burning sensation normally associated with sexually transmitted diseases,  urinary tract infections, kidney stones and prostatitis. This is yet again a sugarcane juice benefit. 

8. Helps in proper development of bones and teeth

I remember chewing away on sugarcane sticks during the summer holidays. Thinking about it now makes it appear as a mammoth task but back then, it was an exciting activity, to say the least. Rich in calcium, sugarcane juice aids proper development of the skeletal system, bones and teeth…. yes another sugarcane juice benefit just for you.

9. Keeps away mouth odour and tooth decay

Have cavities and bad breath? Resorting to sugarcane juice could be a good idea! A rich source of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, sugarcane juice helps in building tooth enamel.  It also plays a vital role in strengthening the teeth and ensuring their health as far as decay is concerned. Sugarcane juice also helps in keeping bad breath at bay by filling in for the required nutrients.

10. Helps cure acne

Yet another benefit of sugarcane juice is that helps cure skin problems such as acne. Sugarcane juice contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid, which increase cell turnover. They also clean up the skin, which thus eliminates the possible eruption of acne.

The recipe of the wonder cure is mixing sugarcane juice with Multani mitti to a batter-like consistency, applying it on the face and leaving it for 20 minutes. Now wash it off with cool water patting your face dry at the end. The result should be a glowing face in the end!

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