6 Hazardous Side Effects of Fat Burner for Women You Must Read About

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With every new year dawning its bright light, most of us women start working on our new year resolutions and losing weight probably holds the topmost priority on that list of promises to ourselves.

The first week of the new starts with workouts and eating-clean schedules which within no time give way to other priorities or mere laziness, and that is when the easy way outcomes into the picture in the form of the fat burner for women.

When the new year starts to become like every other year where we women juggle home, work and other obligations along with our guilt of not having been able to keep up the promise of working towards losing weight, we start searching the Internet for easy options to lose weight and fat burner for women catches our attention.

There is no denying the fact that the promises made by these fat burners for women are highly luring and it is quite easy to fall prey to these claims.

But what we need to analyze are the severe side effects these fat burners for women have on our system.

If we seriously take a step back and study the havocs it creates for the body, we would any day prefer carrying the extra pounds with us rather than play with our system.

Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning against the use of the fat burners stressing upon the ill-effects these pills have on the body [1].

3 Basic Principles of Fat Burner For Women 

With the increasing urge to possess picture perfect bodies, we resort to every means of losing weight from heavy workouts to crash diets.

Mostly, crash diets are short lived and the weight lost through this comes back within no time. Even heavy workouts do not survive for a long time! Then what does one do?

The urge makes us take the path of pill-popping as this seems to be the easiest path to choose, without analyzing its effectiveness and long term pros and cons.

As is suggested by the name itself, fat burner for women claims to accelerate weight loss to a high speed.

Fat burner for women is a mix of herbs and stimulants that slightly increases your body temperature and helps you burn more calories. It also suppresses your appetite and provides you energy even when you are on a low-calorie diet.

Most fat burners for women contain Ephedrine, which actually has various side effects and is even known to be addictive in nature.

Fat burners for women are mostly available in tablet form in the market, which today is flooded with fat burner for women pills manufactured by various companies.  

Fat burner for women work on three basic principles

a. Appetite Suppression

This is one of the ways by which the fat burner for women works its ways through weight loss. It manipulates the body’s chemicals and hormones alike and sends a message to the brain that you are full.

Then there is a particular type of suppressants that actually manipulate the serotonin level and suppress your appetite.

They achieve this by distracting you from eating to other feelings of satisfaction. On one hand, it sounds great that something can actually distract us from eating that cake or sinful pie but at the cost of what? The side effects of this range from a feeling of nervousness to heart attack.

Also, they lose the effectiveness with every pound of weight you lose. So we actually do not see any point in this as there seems to be more loss than a gain!

b. Blocking of Fat

Another type of fat burner for women is that which is prepared from Chitosan – a shellfish derivative.

What happens is when Chitosan is consumed, it binds itself to the fat content of the food you eat making it impossible for your system to absorb that fat.

This sounds good until we tell you another fact about it. This fat blocking mechanism not only blocks the fat but also other vital nutrients present in the food we ate from getting absorbed by our body.

Plus, these fat blockers have other side effects as well. Also, the bound fat remains in our body causing stomach ache, diarrhoea and other problems.

c. Increase in Metabolism

As we all know, people with high metabolism rate tend to remain lean but most of us are not that fortunate.

So, these fat burners for women capitalize on this fact and base the working of the pills on this principle.

They design the pill in a way that they artificially increase the metabolic rate of the body and break the nutrients at a faster speed than our body is naturally able to do.

For this, caffeine is considered the most effective substance used in fat burner for women.

As we all know, overuse of anything has adverse effects and so happens with the excessive use of caffeine too.

In the long run, the body develops immunity to caffeine and other artificial metabolism fasteners ultimately slowing down the metabolic rate of the body.

6 Impacts of fat burners for women have on the body and mind alike.

1. Brings Anxiety

The fat burner for women in most cases, increases the level of cortisol, essentially a stress hormone.

This increases the feeling of stress and anxiety in women.

If you are already suffering from this problem, you might end up feeling worse.

As we have already discussed, most fat burners for women use Ephedrine [2], which if taken in an unmonitored dose, is known to cause some serious health issues like anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness and vomiting.

Anxiety is a common side-effect of fat burners
Anxiety is a common side-effect of fat burners


2. Causes insomnia

Fat burner for women use substances like Ephedrine and caffeine which are known to cause an increase in heart rate and abnormally high metabolism that ends up hampering your sleep pattern, which in the long run gives way to Insomnia.

Fat burners can bring insomnia
Fat burners can bring insomnia


We all have experienced how an extra cup of coffee keeps us awake for an extra hour in the night! Insomnia adversely affects your immune system and also causes fatigue along with low productivity and concentration levels.

3. Increases blood pressure


Fat burners increase blood pressure
Fat burners increase blood pressure

The fat burner for women works on the principle of increasing the body temperature which fastens out metabolic rate and causes the fat to burn faster than usual.

As we have repeatedly mentioned Ephedrine (this being one of the most common substances used in fat burner for women), it causes high blood pressure and increased heart rate in the users, which may lead to heart attack and seizures also.

4. Affects mental health

Fat burners affect mental health
Fat burners affect mental health

Other than causing physical problems, these fat burners for women also takes a toll on the mental health of the users [3].

They cause anxiety, nervousness, mood swings and aggressive behaviour.

In cases where there has been overuse of the substance, users may also risk themselves to self-harm and in worst situations, suicide.

5. Dehydrates the body

Having fat burners dehydrate the body
Having fat burners dehydrate the body

Fat burner for women also enhance the chances of dehydration in the users, especially during the hot weather.

When the fat burner substances like Ephedrine and caffeine accelerate the weight loss process, more heat is generated in the body which causes dehydration in the body.

6. May even cause death

Fat burners may even cause death
Fat burners may even cause death

In the worst cases, there even have been instances of death due to overuse or long term use of fat burner for women.

In 2003, the FDA had to ban the use of fat burners that contained Ephedrine [4].

Simple Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Now that we have discussed the principles, working and side effects of fat burner for women, we hope that you are gladly discouraged from foraying into buying them and using them for any purpose. 

There are many natural fat burners foods that have the capacity to accelerate your weight loss journey [5].

There are even simple exercises you can perform in the comfortable settings of your home [6]. There are even mudras you may practice at home to lose weight [7].

Life is simple and should not be complicated by the use of such complex and unhealthy substances, which can take a long term toll on your health.

So eat healthy and nutritious food, exercise and be happy.

To know more about natural weight loss and nutrition, talk to our Possible Nutritionist today. The first consultation is on us! Clcik here to avail it. 

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    Thank you for a very informative post. Red tea is a powerful drink for weight loss.It has substantial health benefits that are believed to play a direct, positive impact on weight control, which can be attributed to the fact that this beverage contains many polyphenols.
    What makes this tea so special is the production process. With most black tea that we commonly drink, the nutrients can be lost during processing.

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