7 Weight Loss Strategies To Adopt When Planning Healthy Pregnancy

Weight loss strategies for healthy pregnancy

The planning for pregnancy begins with your decision to start a family. You plan for your confinement in every possible way, yet it leads you into a weight dilemma because of the inherent weight gain associated with bearing a baby.

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The planning for pregnancy begins with your decision to start a family.

You plan for your confinement in every possible way, yet it leads you into a weight dilemma because of the inherent weight gain associated with bearing a baby.

The strategy you devise for a healthy pregnancy is going not only to impact your life, but also on the child that you propose to give birth to at the end of 40 weeks of your confinement.

Dealing with infertility to successfully conceive:

The first hurdle is to overcome the chances of infertility that may have marred your desire to conceive. The moot question here is if the fertility boosting foods lead you to a path of how to get pregnant fast and easy?

The answer is not conclusive. When you plan to conceive, you need to remember that your future baby you carry will rely on you for nourishment, to help him grow and develop.

Yet there is a fad that fertility foods for women do work. Planning for a baby entails a lengthy thought process in the prospective couples.

There is neither a short cut way to get pregnant fast, nor a guide to show how to get pregnant quickly. The mental preparation could take up to a few months.

Getting one’s body ready for pregnancy could require you to imbibe fertility foods and design a fertility diet. However, its efficacy is yet to be proven.

What planning for pregnancy means:

The condition of your health, not to mention your excess weight, will directly impact your life and harm the well being of the fetus.

In order to devise a fruitful strategy, you need to assess where you stand as a certain amount of weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy.

You need to gradually ease into the groove to plan a healthy pregnancy and a risk free birth of a healthy baby.

Plan strategies to adopt for a healthy pregnancy:

The strategy to adopt is incumbent upon your reaching a healthy weight prior to conception.

Over or underweight women and men are likely to encounter several potential hazards due to this weight imbalance and your plan of action needs to factor in all these possibilities.

The vital issues to approach in your planning are enumerated below:

1. Determine weight gain during pregnancy:

Your preconception weight will have an important bearing on the strategy for your weight regimen to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

The chart below is indicative of the strategy you need to adopt.

  • The BMI 18.5: Underweight and you may gain 12-18 kg (27-40 pounds).
  • A BMI 18.5-24.9: Normal and you may gain 11-14 kg (26-31 pounds).
  • An BMI 25-29.9: Overweight and you may gain 7-11 kg (15-27 pounds).
  • The BMI over 30: Obese and you may gain 5-9 kg (11-20 pounds).

2. Regulate your calorie intake:

The best approach to adopt when you have conceived is to avoid weight gain through a consistent yet gradual alteration of lifestyle.  It is in the best interest of your body and the fetus.

A pregnant woman needs about 1700 calories per day to sustain herself as well as the nourishment requirements of the fetus.

Should you consume more calories than this, you should plan to gradually reduce it to the desired level to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

The aim is to ensure that you and your baby are getting enough energy and nutrients on a regular basis. You may regulate thus:

  1. Eat small portions spread during the day.
  2. Eat vegetables.
  3. Cut down on traditional carbohydrates.
  4. Drink enough water.
  5. Avoid carbonated drinks.

3. Eat double for two:

A common misconception is that you need to eat for two when you are pregnant. All you need is minimal addition to your diet to achieve the required energy and nutrition. But it is important to take the essential nutrients the body needs during pregnancy, which are:

  1. Folic Acid
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Calcium.

Natural foods like milk, cereals, eggs, and yoghurt are a great source of protein. Spinach is high in folic acid.  Iron is available in red meat.

4. Exercise Daily:

Physical exercise is beneficial to you both at   pre and post conception phases. It is wrong to assume that pregnant women should avoid physical activity as much as possible.

The regimen is suitably altered to cope with the emerging situation. This will help you to maintain your weight, lessen the possibility of defects at birth and also provide relief from the aches and pains that are so common during pregnancy.

Best exercises recommended for pregnant women are:-
prenatal yoga
Prenatal yoga

5. Effective weight management:

While some weight gain during pregnancy is normal, the early adoption of weight management to reach a normal healthy weight is beneficial.

For pregnant women, this is safer than attaining any significant weight loss. The traditional modes of calorie cutting and exercise may be harmful if not done scientifically.

6. Lifestyle changes:

It is important to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to ensure a trouble free healthy pregnancy as well as the well being of the fetus.

This is especially true for overweight and obese women, who are prone to suffer complications during the pregnancy and childbirth. It is best that you give up your vices of smoking and drinking.

Sleep adequately and lead a sedate life devoid of tensions and stress. It will help you cope with the period of confinement with ease in a happy frame of mind.

7. Accept the changes:

If you have reconciled to the changes that are likely to affect your body, you have won half the battle related to such an important phase of your life.

The changes to your body are normal and essential to the health of your child. You can regain your poise and beauty after your child is born. Remember, your child is the top priority.

Bottom Line:

There are manifold options to adopt for planning a pregnancy, but since every man and woman is different, strategies have to be evolved through a systematic process.

It is advisable not to adopt short cut and fast methods through quick fix solutions in such an eventful natural process of procreation that sustains life.

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