What Is Intuitive Eating & How Does It Help In Managing Your Weight?


In today’s world, there are many kinds of people who have different types of eating habits. Some prefer to diet and some like to binge eat their favourite food. Both these scenarios have a darker side to them. Yes, even dieting.

There are people who get addicted or hooked on to the idea of dieting and can take it to an unhealthy level.

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For such people, there are various approaches by which they can be returned to normalcy and regular eating habits. Intuitive eating is one such method.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating can be taken as an approach which has been formulated and developed to help and assist people who suffer from the side effects of chronic dieting.

People who continuously indulge and practice dieting can suffer from a certain ‘diet backlash’ where the person can experience elevated difficulty and rigidity in choosing foods which are good for them against those which prove to be harmful to them.

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Not only that but due to excessive dieting, a person may develop some type of avoidance or restriction to certain foods which later results in binging of other foods to make up for lost calories.

People who are labelled as intuitive eaters are people who can make choices regarding food without the interference of emotions and pleasure of guilt or fall into some sort of ethical and moral dilemma when choosing one food over another.

Such a person has a certain respect and honour toward the feeling of hunger and relishes the act of eating.

Those who practice intuitive eating have shown signs of weight loss and boosted morale. Intuitive eating helps people to be relieved of psychological burdens that weigh them down and also help strive toward their physical goals in a freer and less restricted manner.

Intuitive Eating Helps in Managing Weight Loss

First and foremost it is important to point out that intuitive eating is not possible and suited for everyone universally.

 It is for those who are conscious eaters and have a high amount of acceptance and self-control. People who are by their very nature mindful eaters are more comfortable following a diet.

Intuitive eating is not a method for weight loss. Rather, it can be considered as a way of managing and going about weight loss. 

Intuitive eating is a great way to make small changes in your natural eating habits. But practising intuitive eating, you can find yourself slowly turning your appetite towards a more healthy diet.

By doing so, one can find themselves more comfortable in a newly adjusted diet follow-up, in turn, helps them in losing weight. 

This is mainly because those who are intuitive eaters pay more close attention to their eating habits and are more attentive to how you feel after consuming certain foods mentally and physically.

Why Intuitive Eating is Beneficial for Weight Loss?

When a person is following a diet for losing weight, often they are found to be struggling or having difficulties in keeping up with the regime.

When asked why such difficulties are being faced, the most common answer is that the controlling the amount of portion, the feeling of being restricted and hungry when it comes to meals and a simple case of loss of motivation is what people say.

This type of answer should not come as a surprise as most weight loss diet programmes revolve around a single type of plan for everyone.

This is not the case. One type of plan cannot be suited for everybody’s needs. This causes many to feel restricted and bound and a result cannot be properly incorporated into one’s schedule.

Intuitive eating can be considered one of the many tools by which people can be more accepting of their dietary plans and can find it easier to follow in comparison to when they did not do intuitive eating.

This does not mean eating the right amount of calories or restricting certain foods. It is more of choosing and finding what your needs are and in accordance with those needs which foods would suit them the best.

Finding the foods that will make you feel better and also help you satisfy your needs is key for intuitive eating for weight loss.

Woman cooking food happily
Woman cooking food happily

Diets become easier to follow

Once you have figured out which foods work best with your body and needs and the right amount that you need to be satisfied and yet keep the standards for weight loss, you will find following the regime becomes much simpler.

The amount of food is not of concern when it comes to intuitive eating as it is all about accepting what your body needs and giving it just that. 

Tastes and preferences of a person change quite often and intuitive eating allows one to change and adapt to those sudden changing preferences.

Intuitive eating brings a vital aspect to your diet which is flexibility. If your weight loss diet does not offer the flexibility your body needed, then the absences of this flexibility are the reason why your diet does not work. Some days you might feel hungrier than usual.

Other days you might develop a craving for a type of food and other days you might not feel like eating much of anything at all.

If your weight loss diet plan is not flexible with such erratic shifts in wants, then you will find yourself struggling more than usual and will, in the end, feel exhausted and purged of motivation and energy.

Intuitive eating is all about being mindful of what you are eating and being respectful of the consumed materials.

One should not keep thinking about the number of carbs or how many more hours of exercise they have to do to compensate for the meal.

Rather it is more of forming a connection with your food and consciously eating what your instincts tell is best for you at the moment.

If you manage to become an intuitive eater then you will find that losing weight becomes easier and less of a hassle to you.

Though intuitive eating is not a method to lose weight, it is a beneficial way to go about the process and make it more comfortable and soothing for you to follow.

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