8 Ways To Keep Your Metabolism Revved As You Cross Your 50’s

Revved up your metabolism

Old age is the most crucial period of people’s lives as the human body becomes the cupboard of various critical conditions. Loss of muscles is a recurrent problem with rapid weight gain.

If you can boost metabolism through various exercises and effective ways, you can pass the ill-effects of obesity.

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After crossing the age milestone of 50, men and women tend to gain weight and put on excessive fat around the abdominal area. Sedentary lifestyle and hormonal changes affect people as they start to grow old.

The importance of metabolic rate is immeasurable for human beings, and it is better to take actions about fast metabolism beforehand.

Eat Whole Grain to Boost Metabolism

One of the best foods for metabolism is whole grain as it contains a high amount of protein and fibre.

It becomes difficult to lose weight and boost metabolism in your 50s, and you should choose oatmeal for filing your body with a sufficient amount of protein and fibre while keeping the level of cholesterol low.

Apart from oatmeal, you can choose to include wheat, brown rice and barley for maintaining the inflamed tissues.

The digestive system breaks down whole grain foods slowly, and the insulin level and blood sugar level remain on the regular scale.

Hence, the risks of developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes become higher during this age, and whole grains can fight such problems.

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The whole grains are difficult to digest, and the digestion process takes more time than it does for refined grains.

As the body requires more energy to digest all the kernels of the whole grains, your metabolism is improved.

It is also advisable to add quinoa which is a whole grain-like food ingredient.

This seed can boost metabolism since it has a rich source of protein. Therefore, it is easy to boost metabolism with only 5 grams of fibre.

Take enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The foods that increase metabolism need to be enriched with omega-3.

Men over 50s struggling to boost metabolism should note down that the food ingredients can better metabolic rate and improve brain, prostate and cardiac health.

The more you include fatty fishes such as sardines, tuna and salmon, the faster you can burn energy.

If you are a vegetarian, you can choose to consume walnuts and flaxseed.

Omega -3 Fatty Acids
Omega -3 Fatty Acids

Also, if you garnish oatmeal breakfast with a pinch of flax seeds, you can improve heart health and limit the chance of putting excess weight.

Tuna has a high amount of niacin and it can preserve the elasticity of the skin. Additionally, the wild salmon provides ample benefits.

The omega-3s can accelerate the muscle protein synthesis and help people who suffer from the consequences of inflammation of tissues.

With a weekly dose of mackerel, salmon, tuna or herring and soybeans or walnuts, boosting metabolism is not tough.

Focus on Protein

For building the metabolic power station in your body, you should be focusing on a protein diet to increase metabolism.

Every muscle gets rid of 6 calories per day by following zero activities and 1 pound of fat can burn only a small amount. One of the studies indicates that the healthy amount is 1.2 gm of protein for each pound you weigh.

If a person weighs 75 kg or 158 pounds, the woman needs to consume 86 gm of protein each day to boost metabolism. Following is the list of foods; she can consider adding in her diet,

  • 6 gm from an egg in breakfast
  • 16 gm from tuna salad sandwich in lunch
  • 12 gm from 4-ounces of no-fat cottage cheese as an evening snack
  • 52 gm from 6-ounce of chicken breast for dinner

The need of binging on snacks is limited if a person on the verge of overweight chooses to more at breakfast. Also the body can convert the amino acids for generating muscle protein synthesis.

Generally, an adult requires 0.7 gm of protein per kg of body weight to boost metabolism.

Protein has the thermic effect which helps to burn at the time of digesting food ingredients. 30% of calories are burnt through protein digestion and the high-protein diet can burn more calories.

Henceforth, fish, skinless poultry, low-fat dairy and legumes can boost metabolism.

Check Your Meal Quantity

Limiting your hourly meals can never help you to regulate weight because it is essential to know how much calories or fat you are taking with every meal. To shed excess pounds, gather information about what the right weight is according to your gender and age.

  1. A woman’s metabolic rate drops 3% or 2% per year; the maintenance number also drops along with it.
  2. woman may require 2,200 or 2,000 calories for maintaining weight and in her 50s, the calorie intake may fall around 1,800/

Men and women both can check their basal metabolic rate to boost metabolism by taking help of BMI calculator. Here, you need to put your height and weight along with name and contact address.

For example, a 5’4” woman ageing 45 years old who leads an average active life may require 2,093 calories per day. To increase the metabolic rate for losing extra pounds, she should consume a maximum 500 calories per day.

If the BMI calculator is used every day, it becomes easy for people not to eliminate way too much of calories from their diet. If you consume a little portion of food, your body’s metabolism can become 20% slower.

Therefore, when your body starves, it only burns few calories which are less than the normal rate.

Boost Metabolism through Interval Training

You can boost metabolism if you know how to do high-intensity interval training when you are above 50. This can be strenuous but you can design the schedule by mixing low-intensity movements with high-intensity training for a certain period.

While following a fast metabolism diet loaded with adequate protein, you can run for 2 minutes and walk for 2 minutes. This whole cycle may go on for half an hour.

The high-intensity workout pays attention to boost metabolism through burning calories during and post-workout period. However, it is important to discuss with your trainer about the higher intensity program because there should not be health complications or risk of injuring yourself.

Even if you choose the work for once a week, you can boost metabolism. Leave the rest of the week for giving your body time to recover.

Choose Cardio to Boost Metabolism

Aerobic exercises are growing popular because of the ample health benefits provided by them.

Through aerobics, you can maintain metabolic rate and an excess amount of calories go down if you even choose chaise lounge.

When a person opts for five sessions for average cardio every week and the session lasts for 20-45 minutes, it can be the best way to increase metabolism and burn fat.

Cardio Exercise to Boost Metabolism
Cardio Exercise to Boost Metabolism

There is a high chance that on no-workout days, men and women can burn calories because of the previous day’s cardio. Cardio is effective for weight loss even when a person is not following any strict diet.

A woman going for cardio five times in a week may notice a 5% drop in body weight only within ten months. Here, the woman does not need to bring any changes in her diet either.

If you want to boost metabolism further, you can strike up a short conversation and maintain the proper heart rate. 30-minutes of workout per day is bound to show the effective result for improving daily metabolism.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

When you are in the 50s, your body lacks strength and gives up doing the simplest activities at the workplace.

When you are making a phone call for more than one hour, your body is likely to burn fifteen calories. But you make the same call while standing up and pacing around; you can burn around 100 calories. This type of pattern of blasting calories is known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

Needless to say, if you wish to know how to boost metabolism after 50, this might be the easiest way. The process under research and a person can burn approximately 800 each day by moving around or getting off his/her keisters.

This procedure helps in reducing body weight slowly and also it can boost metabolism. In our day-to-day tasks, the calorie burning activity can be incorporated, only if you,

  1. Do squats or lunges
  2. Strengthen triceps at the time of brewing coffee
  3. Take the staircases instead of the elevator
  4. Walk up to colleagues instead of e-mailing

Build Muscles and Boost Metabolism

Through strengthening or building muscles, you can understand how to increase metabolism in your 50s.

Loss of muscles is a serious issue that every aged person goes through during their 50s. Strength-training on a daily basis can boost metabolism for maintaining body composition.

From resistance bands to lifting weights, the calorie-burning muscles are widely helpful.

A good training program generally includes weight training and for boosting your muscle, you need to do 3 sets with 12 or 8 rep. For first consultation Click here 

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