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Onion Roti using Possible gluten-free atta

Gluten Free Atta Onion Roti

  Onion Roti using Possible gluten-free atta Rotis are easy to make and they are rich in fibre. When it is gluten-free, it is even more beneficial for weight loss. Here we give you the recipe for gluten-free atta roti. Go through the recipe to learn how to make tasty gluten-free atta rotis. 50 gm […]

Palak Wheat Roti Recipe | Possible

Delicious palak wheat roti

  Palak Wheat Roti Recipe When the antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral rich spinach puree meets the regular roti, then it makes for a colourful roti. Research has found spinach to be beneficial in serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure among others. This colourful palak wheat roti could perfectly replace the […]

Makkai Palak Roti Recipe | Possible

Makkai palak roti recipe

  Makkai Palak Roti Recipe | Possible The traditional makkai di roti has got a healthy twist, it married palak to form makkai palak roti. As such corn packs in the antioxidant carotenoids and loads of gut-healthy fibre. Palak, on its part, brings in not just a colour variance but its disease-fighting property due to […]

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