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High Protein Egg Dosa

truweight is possible now

High Protein Egg Dosa Any high protein recipe has never tasted as good as this egg dosa. High protein egg dosa is an innovative yet discreet way to add some eggs to the recipe. Try this delicacy and we are sure you would love to thank us for this tasty recipe! 2 cups fermented dosa […]

Sprouted Dosa, a healthy variant of the regular one!

Sprouted dosa, healthy dosa

Sprouted Dosa Recipe Dosa by far is one of the healthiest recipes if made with less oil. It offers a perfect combination of cereal-pulse, as they complement each other’s amino acid profile.  We decided to give a healthy makeover to the already healthy dosa by making the batter with sprouted whole beans.  Sprouting helps to […]

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