Buying Organic Foods for Weight Loss? Know all about it here!

Organic foods for weight loss

Medical Reviewed by Dr. Shunmukha Priya, Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

Different trends were introduced at different times. For instance, nearly two decades ago, people fancied bottled water. Shortly after this, fast food chains became a hotspot. 

Similarly, over the last few years, organic foods have captured the attention of the current generation. Organic stores have cropped up in almost every locality in every city. They are also slightly pricier when compared to regular food products available in the market. 

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Organic foods have also drawn the attention of the weight loss industry – after all, these foods are marketed as one of the healthiest foods. People have flocked these stores to buy organic foods for weight loss. [1]

When it is crucial to get rid of the excess fat, one also has to make sure that they eat wholesome and nutrient-dense foods

In this article, we bring you why choosing organic foods can be a good thing for weight loss. [2]

What is organic food?

Organic foods are those foods that are produced organically using organic methods and procedures of farming.

These foods are grown without the aid of any fertilisers or pesticides. This farming involves different features which in turn help in promoting the conservation of biodiversity and maintains the ecological balances.

Organic food is grown using natural fertilisers devoid of any chemical, synthetic, antibiotics and hormones; whereas the conventionally grown food has added fertilisers and pesticides.

organic foods

The most common organic produces are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains and meat. Organic farming also promotes the soil quality, soil fertility and conservation of underground water.[3]

The benefits of organic food

As mentioned earlier, organic foods are chemical-free and being so, has its own merits.

1. They are naturally fresh

Organic foods usually are not laced with preservatives to ‘keep it fresh for a longer period of time’ like regular foods. Organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables, usually come from local farmers.

This means the food involves little to no transportation. To ensure fresh foods, choose native and seasonal products over non-native/non-seasonal products.

2. Organic meat is antibiotic-free

Meats of organically raised livestock are healthier when compared to conventional meat sold in the commercial market. Organic livestock is not given any growth hormones, antibiotics or fed any other animal byproducts.

Increased consumption of organic meats can prevent antibiotic resistance. Likewise, organic livestock is left to roam freely. This enables the breeder to raise them healthily.

3. Certain nutrients are richer in organic food

Studies have revealed that certain nutrients are richer in organic milk (organically raised cow’s milk) and meat than in regular milk and meat. This includes omega-3 fatty acids as well.[4]

Organic foods for weight loss

We have told before and we will tell you again – weight loss happens in the kitchen. The food we eat determines our weight, energy, health and overall wellness. When you eat organic foods for weight loss, your body adapts to the healthy diet and starts healing.

Below we tell you why organic foods are best for weight loss.

1. Less pesticide, more nutrition

Organic foods are dense in nutrition and they have higher nutrient content than regular foods. Organic eggs and pure cow’s milk are a classic example of this.

It provides maximum nutrition to the body. These foods keep the body energetic and rejuvenated throughout the day. This will keep the body active and an active body will have good metabolism which will boost weight loss.

2. Fibre-rich

Organic foods are richer in fibre than conventional foods. Fibre helps to keep the stomach full for a longer period of time. This prevents unhealthy bingeing. When we stop eating unhealthy foods and implement portion control, the body begins to use the stored fat for energy which propels weight loss.

It is important to note that fibre is also important for a healthy bowel movement. Fibre consumption, as well as regular bowel movements, keep gut healthy. A healthy gut is essential for effective weight loss.[5]

3. Eating healthy carbohydrates

Eating polished rice and refined flour is the main reason behind obesity and other metabolic diseases among the current generation. These types of foods are loaded with simple carbohydrates and offer very little nutrition to the body. Simple carbohydrates digest quickly, make you feel hungry soon and spike the sugar levels.

On the other hand, organically grown grains like wild rice, brown rice, millets etc have complex carbohydrates, fibre and antioxidants. The body processes these grains slowly which bars overeating. Likewise, micronutrients present in these grains also benefit the body.[6]

4. Rich in antioxidants

Organically grown fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants than conventional fruits.

Generally, conventional fruits are laced with pesticides and other chemicals which greatly damages the antioxidant properties. On the other hand, organic fruits and berries offer maximum antioxidants which can effectively fight free radicals in the body.[7]

5. Labels

While buying organic foods for weight loss, it is important to look for the label signifying Organic Food. Jaivik Bharat Logo is the government-approved logo in India.

Organic foods approved by the government will bear this logo and is deemed as authentic. Carrying this logo means the manufacturers have adhered to the National Organic Standards.

Therefore, ensure that the food you are buying has the Jaivik Bharat Logo instead of buying products that simply claim ‘organic’.[8]


Organic foods are great for weight loss and they have numerous health benefits. However, one should also know if the food is really organic before buying.

While Jaivik Bharat Logo can help you find authentic organic foods among packaged goods, talking to your local vendor about the fruits and vegetables will help you pick the cleaner and healthier ones.

Making informed choices not only will help you lose weight but will also help you maintain it.

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