What Is Super Carb Diet & How It Helps In Weight loss?

Super Carb diet

Super Carb Diet – Obesity is a curse which often invites numerous health issues such as diabetes, heart strokes, thyroid, knee pains, arthritis, etc.

Moreover, an obese person has low self-esteem which also adversely his/her professional and personal life.

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But the unhealthy lifestyles of today’s modern world and reliance on fast food often leads to weight gain. But again it is difficult to lose the acquired weight as today most of the physical world is replaced by mental work.

Moreover, where is the time to follow a fitness routine? Yet, maintaining an ideal weight is quite necessary for keeping the disease at bay. 

Alas, but losing weight is like climbing a big rock. In spite of being trying to shed a few extra pounds, if you are not able to get any significant progress; we will tell you have landed in the right place.

In case you are not getting any noteworthy difference even after following a hectic exercise regime or cutting down the carbohydrates considerably, perhaps the best solution for you is super carb diet.

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At this you might be wondering, what is a super carb diet and how will it be beneficial to you? Let us elaborate to help you appreciate the benefits of a super carb diet.

What is a super carb diet?

The super carb diet is the one in which you can don’t have to avoid the carbohydrates and still lose weight considerably.

At the word ‘super carb’ you might be tempted to eat cookies, burgers and French fries to your heart’s content. Well, we tell you that these are still not allowed as these are not healthy carbs and can lead your weight loss efforts in vain.

Let us first clear it to you that contrary to popular belief that carbs are enemy of the weight loss plan, the fact is not so.

 A new diet plan which is commonly known as the Super Carb Diet helps in weight loss in spite of including a significant amount of carbs. The carb diet for weight loss shows excellent results in the long run.

It has been experienced by people that, the cutting down on the number of carbohydrates helps in quick and considerable weight loss as in the case of a keto diet.

However, the reality is just the other way round. Lowering the essential complex carbohydrates may lead to several kinds of deficiencies and fatigues.

Moreover, it is difficult to maintain such a plan in the long run, and once you go back to the regular diet, you will experience a sudden rise in your weight

For this reason, a balanced diet with the moderate amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrate is the best option and is also easy to maintain.

According to the former Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper a super carb diet means ‘eating plenty of super carbs’. He advocated the super carb diet in his book “The Super Carb Diet: Shed Pounds, Build Strength, Eat Real Food”.

In fact it has been shown through studies that there are almost similar effects of low fats and low carb diets. The reality is that the super carb diets are the fibre dense complex carbohydrates which have great nutritional value. Harper claimed that it acts as a source of great fuel for our bodies and has a slow digestion procedure.

Hence, super carbs are the complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, whole grain breads and brown rice. These take a long time to get digested and hence are often recommended by the nutritionist. However, you might be getting the name super carb confused with eating bread, cookies or French fries throughout the day.

Well, our reply is that you are completely wrong as a super carb is actually about eating healthy carbohydrates, that too during the targeted times of the day such as early morning or just before a workout. Hence, you can simply ditch away a low carb diet plan for weight loss and follow a super carb diet plan.

How the idea of super carb diet emerged?

The idea of the super carb diet in fact emerged in the mind of Harper. He adopted this diet after getting a severe heart attack in 2017 for maintaining his weight and for getting the energy required for recovering.

Harper highly advocates this diet plan as here the person need not rely mostly on high protein diets such as Paleo diet. A high protein low carb diet plan can be highly detrimental for the health and give rise to various health issues.

Harper was following the caveman or paleo diet before the heart attack, but Harper admitted in his book that he found that this plan was mostly fat based and it disturbed the entire balance of his body.

He maintained that the super carb diet contains right amounts of fats, carbohydrates, high fibre food and proteins which help in losing weight and preserving the energy level.

Moreover, the success rate of super carb diet is high as it doesn’t totally ban carbohydrate, without which it is difficult to sustain.

The RDN as well as the founder of  Beth Warren Nutrition, Beth Warren considers the super carb diet to be a refreshing diet plan as it helps in enjoying a significant amount of carbohydrates along with other nutrition of a balanced diet. Hence, she recommends it for marinating a healthy lifestyle.

Harper has written in his book that ‘fancy diets’ ask you to cut down the carbohydrate intake but it is the other way round. He remarked that everyone wants to eat bread as a sandwich is not a sandwich without bread.

A super carb diet allows the people to relish on bread without feeling guilty of committing a crime.  So, even if you are planning to lose some nasty kilos, you need not worry about starving in the absence of carbohydrates.

At this Harper is not at all asking you to sit down every night with a bowl full of pasta and chips. But he is suggesting adding whole grains in the diet.

Harper’s approach of balanced macronutrients will definitely help you to lose kilos in a healthy manner. Remember a healthy fitness plan is the best one in the long run.

You might find eating a lot of carbs and still losing weight difficult to believe, here, we would like to tell you that it is possible that what you need is ‘good carbohydrates’ combined with other essential nutrients.

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Don’t try to cheat here as there is no place for highly processed or sugary carbohydrates such as fizzy drinks, pastries, biscuits, burgers and pizzas. You might find it disappointing but ‘yes’ something has to be sacrificed for staying fit and healthy.

What to eat and what not to eat?

In case you are looking to lose weight in a healthy way, a super carb diet is just the right choice for you. Here, you can eat plenty of healthy carbs such as meat, eggs, fish, nuts, vegetables, fruit, and seeds, even high-fat dairy and healthy oils.

You can also take some tubers as well as non-gluten grains. However, you need to say ‘no’ to sugar, seed oils, highly processed food and trans fats, “diet” and low-fat products and highly processed foods.

You can base your diet with the following natural, low foods, and unprocessed items:

Fruits, vegetables and nuts
Fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Meat: Meat such as lamb, chicken, pork can be eaten in moderate amounts.
  • Fish: You can eat fish such as salmon, haddock, trout, etc.
  • Eggs: The ideal eggs for you are pastured eggs and Omega-3-enriched ones.
  • Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenu greek, etc. and coloured vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, peas, beans, capsicum and so on.
  • Fruits: Enjoy relishing on fresh and juicy fruits such as apples, pears, oranges, strawberries, blueberries.
  • Seeds and nuts: You can eat plenty of healthy nuts like almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.
  • High-fat dairy: You can even enjoy having high-fat dairy like cheese, butter and yogurt.
  • Fats and oils: Coconut oil, olive oil, lard, butter, and fish oil.


  • While losing weight you need to keep check on you intake of cheese, butter and nuts as they can prove to be healthy when taken in the moderate amounts.
  • Eat plenty of raw vegetables in the form of salads.
  • Instead of adding heavy salad dressing add few drop of lemon and pinch of pepper on you salads.
  • Instead of treating yourself with deserts, treat yourself with fresh juicy fruits.
  • Always try to pick organic food.

You may include the following food in your diet:

Unrefined grains
Unrefined grains
  • Tubers: In super carb diet there is place even for potatoes and sweet potatoes.
  • Unrefined grains: The super carb diets allow you to have carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa and oats.
  • Legumes: You can even eat lentils, kidney beans and black beans.
  • In a super carb diet you can even have these foods in moderation, if you like them:
  • Dark chocolate: While buying dark chocolate try to pick organic brands which have at least 70 percent of cocoa. The dark chocolate is good for health as it contains antioxidants in high amounts and can prove to be beneficial for your health if eaten in moderation.


Remember that eating too much chocolate can hinder your weight loss progress, so be careful regarding it.

Foods you should try to avoid:

  • Sugar: You should simply try to shun soft drinks, processed fruit juices, candies, ice cream or anything that has added sugars.
  • Trans fats: You should try to avoid hydrogenated oils and partly hydrogenated oils.
  • Highly processed foods: Pastries, cakes, cookies, wafers, fries, pasta, are strict no, no, no, even though they appear to be yummy and mouthwatering. The fact is that factory produced food is to be totally avoided.


Always check for the ingredients while buying packaged foods for knowing about its nutritional values. Some high carb food which are actually very healthy even when you are on a super carb diet:

List of High carb foods

A super carb diet is a real jackpot for you even if you are a carb lover.  Here, is a list of high carb food which you can enjoy even while following this diet plan:

1. Quinoa:

Quinoa is a highly nutritious seed that in incredibly beneficial, hence a popular choice among fitness freaks. considered to be a pseudocereal as it can be eaten just like a grain. & 21.3% carb and is also a good source of fibre, minerals and protein.

It has many health benefits like helping in controlling the blood sugar levels. Moreover, it is gluten-free. Due to high fibre and high protein content, it will help you feeling filled for a long time so you would not feel like binging on junk food.

2. Oats:

Oats is perhaps the healthiest food for you in the entire world. Jokes apart, the high nutritional value of oats can’t be denied. It is a whole grain food which is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Raw oats contain 66 percent carbs and about 11 percent of fibre.

The oats are a good source of protein, and it will also help in lowering the chances of heart disease by controlling your cholesterol level. Moreover, it will also help in controlling the blood sugar level, especially in type 2 diabetes.

3. Banana:

Banana is one the world’s most popular food.  It contains 23% carbohydrates in the form of starch or sugar.  Usually, the unripe banana contains more starch content. It is rich in potassium, vitamin c and vitamin B6. 

Along with helping you to get rid of undesired few pounds, it can also help in improving the health of your heart and can also lower your blood pressure.

4. Sweet potatoes:

The delicious sweet potatoes contain nutritious tuber. Contains 18 to 21 percent sugar, starch and fibre.  A rich source of antioxidants and helps in lowering the chances of disease. It contains provitamin A (of beta-carotene), potassium and vitamin C.

5. Beetroots:

You can have this purple vegetable in cooked or raw form. It contains about 8 to 10 percent carbohydrates from fibre and sugar.

This vitamin and mineral packed vegetable is high in inorganic nitrates which get converted it to nitric oxide and helps in lowering your blood pressure and the chance of diseases.  

6. Oranges:

Oranges are also one of the most popular fruit in the world. It contains a lot of water and 11.8 percent carbohydrate. It is rich in fibre, vitamin C, some vitamin B and Potassium.

Besides helping in weight loss it is also good for preventing kidney stone and improving the heart’s health.

7. Apples:

You may like to enjoy this crunchy and sweet fruit. It is available in different sizes and colours and is rich in carbohydrates. Ideal for weight loss.

Rich in all the vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of vitamin C. it also helps in controlling the blood sugar and lowering the chances of heart disease.

8. Kidney Beans:

Kidney beans
Kidney beans

This member of the legume family contains 22.8 percent of carbohydrate as fibre or starches. It is also a protein-rich bean. It contains lots of lots of minerals and antioxidants such as isoflavones and anthocyanins.

Besides, helping you in lowering your weight, it will help to control your blood sugar level and lowers the risk of colon cancer. But it should not be eaten in raw form or if it is improperly cooked as it may be toxic.

9. Grapefruit:

A citrus, sweet-sour and bitter fruit. It has 9 percent carbohydrates and several vitamins and minerals. It helps in weight loss and lowers the insulin resistance. 

Grapefruit also offer protection against colon cancer and kidney stones and also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.

A super Carb Diet plan

Harper super carb diet is full of vitamins and macro nutrients. Let us show you a sample of it:

  • Breakfast: You can begin your day with some scrambled egg whites, some avocado along with spinach and a whole grain muffin.
  • Lunch: For lunch, you can have grilled chicken breast with some roasted vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and some almonds.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a big salad plate along with a lean chicken burger made up of a whole-grain bun.
  • Evening snacks:  You can snack on non-fat yoghurt topped with half tablespoon nut butter.

Hence, it is a myth that carbohydrates are bad for health and this is proved through the results of super carb diet. In fact the carbohydrate-rich foods are one of the healthiest foods in the world.

No doubt, the carbohydrates in refined or processed form can be harmful for your health. Of course, processed carbohydrate foods such as pastries, ice-creams, cookies, wafers,  pasta and burgers are enemy of weight loss and hence you should cut down to a great level or completely avoid them.

But a moderate amount of carbohydrate such as rice, bread, oats etc. can definitely help you to enjoy the benefits of the super carb diet.


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